No jobs if you are not Union!

Bill Whelan and his Democrats on the Freeholder board walked lock-step, voting in favor of denying employment to anybody that does not belong to a union. The Republican majority changed a long-standing rule that demanded that all county work be performed by union shops – denying hard-working residents of Cumberland County job opportunities. Bill Whelan spoke out against allowing non-union people to work, and voted in favor of the unions that contribute heavily to the Dem’s campaign funds.

Any non-union contractors that become involved in the Vine Street School project will no longer be required to hire a majority of union workers.

The county freeholders on Tuesday by a 4-2 vote rescinded a project labor agreement (PLA), originally approved in January 2010, for the effort to transform the former school into a new home for the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office.

In my opinion, they did not go far enough. Tax Payers will still have to bear the burden of excessively high “prevailing wages” – wages that are many times more than the average wage in the distressed county. However, people that object to unions stealing their money in the form of membership dues while doing very little else to protct their jobs will, for now, have an opportunity to earn an income – much to the dismay of county Democrats.

At least non-union shops are now able to bid competitively, as they will not have to pay employees obscene wages to stand around. It is well established that non union workers work harder and more diligently than their union counterparts, as keeping their job depends upon their performance.  Harder working employees mean lower costs in the long run.

Unions at one time served a purpose. We now have a multitude of government agencies and regulations, put into effect due to the diligence of unions, that seek the best interest of workers. The only purpose of unions today is to enrich union heads, fill their coffers so that they can live a lifestyle of profligate wealth that union workers can only dream of. This is done on the backs of union workers – greatly reducing their take-home pay. And the union employees can take heart in the fact that their money is supporting political candidates, whether they want to or not.

2 Responses to No jobs if you are not Union!

  1. SillySilly says:

    Wow…Someone woke up on the wrong side of the picket line this morning!

    I don’t disagree that, often times, organized labor shoots itself in the foot. But to paint with such a broad brush as to say that government regulation replaces the need for unions is just to replace one bureaucracy with another. And it is simply unfair to say that union workers do not work as hard as their non-union counterparts.

  2. WuLi says:

    Okay – granted that I was a bit broad in my categorization. However, I have worked in union and non-union jobs, and in every non-union job the employees were more diligent overall.

    In non-union jobs, your pay raises depend upon performance, in a union shop even lazy slobs get the same raise, there is ni impetus to work harder.

    I have worked with diligent people in union shops, some people are just honest that way.

    However, the reasons that unions came into being – child labor, company stores, hazardous work places – all have been addressed. now unions exist for the most part to amass wealth for the people that run the unions, and the workers are merely pawns to that end.

    And it is egregious in my opinion to force union employees to pay dues to unions that then go and financially support political candidates that the union employee does not support. It is theft and misappropriation of money – why should anyone be FORCED to support an organization with cross-goals, or be denied work if people like Bill Whelan gets his way?

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