Where’s Lou?

My in box has been flooded with Lou Magazzu sightings and rumors. He was seen recently at the Carriage House, cozying up to some local Superior Court judges. I have been told that he is planning on making another foray into local politics – a rumor reportedly perpetrated by his good friend Brendan Kavanaugh. Is he testing the waters of public opinion?

The inside scoop is that most of the party loyalists want to keep him at bay. This year the party paid $180,000 in debts accrued under his watch – Louie never was one to pay bills on time.  I have a lot of correspondence from vendors that did business with his campaigns and the CCDO attesting that he never paid, and even implied that they would never do business in the county of they pressed the issue. Sir Speedy in Vineland only recently got paid a major amount of money – under Lou you were supposed to be happy that he was doing business with you for free.

And I understand there was another $40,000 judgement – am awaiting details on that one.

So my educated guess is that we will not be seeing the Maggot on the CCDO ticket anytime in the near future…


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