I am no longer a Cumberland County resident. My girlfriend, however, still owns property and resides in the county part of the year, so we do have a vested interest in Cumberland County politics, as the incessant tax increases do affect our wallets.

I have an even deeper interest in Lou Magazzu, if he decides to step back into the political arena. I have been hearing too many rumors to allow this to go unchecked.In today’s News of Cumberland County an article discusses the possible ejection of Nelson Albano from the Van Drew machine. That would be one of the few good things that Van Drew has done recently. Lou Magazzu came up as a possible replacement.

Lou Magazzu, as a politician, is unrelenting – he ruthlessly attacks anybody that he deems an enemy. With me, he took it way too far – responding to simple political criticism with the heavy hand of personal persecution. He attempted to cause my girlfriend to lose her job, not because she was involved even peripherally in this blog, but simply because she was connected to me. He even attacked my friends, out of pure spite.

Lou Magazzu is unfit to serve in any capacity of public service, simply because he does not believe he is a public servant. He believes he is a king or a prince, and acts like a tyrant.Lou left politics, and I was willing to leave him alone. Now that I hear from numerous sources that he is possibly planning a come-back, the truce is off.


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