Unholy Alliance

Yesterday, I was able to re-purchase our domain name, MagazzuWatch.com. I would like to thank the supporters of this website in Cumberland County for the generous donations. I would also like to offer that those donations came from Democrats, who are unhappy with the corrupt leadership in their own party. If it is at all possible, Doug Long is more politically corrupt than Lou Magazzu ever was.

Speaking of… what ever happened to Lou? Lou was in the meeting that Jeff Van Drew hijacked, and then blatantly violated ELEC rules and the local party’s own by-laws. He has been hob-nobbing with politicos, and seems to have formed an unholy alliance with Paul Porreca of Millville First. He and Da Judge tag-teamed Steve Durst at a recent City of Millville commission meeting. I attached a link to the minutes of that meeting, and beginning on page 9, you get the feeling there is more happening behind the scenes than meets the eye.

First of all, you have to understand that if Millville First is in favor of anything, then whatever it is will NOT benefit the city of Millville. Porreca hates the city, and his sole purpose is to destroy anything that will reap positive results. He despises Steve Durst, which is evident in the exchanges that take place.

Anything that Lou Magazzu takes an interest in has a rancid odor. The same for Porreca and his Millville First clowns. So it is no surprise that they would join forces on what to my eyes appears to be a scam. CES, or Clean Energy System being pushed by Edward Iuliano of Adirondack Energy Conservation sounds fishy to anyone that has a basic high school knowledge of physics.  Iuliano is a lighting contractor – check out his credentials. The website for CES is amateurish, and lacks any scientific explanation about how this system magically reduces energy use.

I might be completely off base, but this system appears to be nothing more than a variation of the disproved Donald Smith Devices. Like Cold Fusion, Perpetual Motion and other pipe dreams of free energy, these devices supposedly violate the laws of physics and of  the conservation of energy. The internet is full of discussions about these devices, and yet with thousands of people building them, I have yet to find anyone that has been successful. Don Smith has a long history of hoaxes, and the CES devices are yet another example.

If this company and device are truly on the up and up, one has to wonder how the president of the company could be so stupid as to ally himself with Lou Magazzu? Lou, you have to remember, was formerly associated with a company selling discount electricity that was under investigation for illicit business practices in other states, and was close to losing its license to do business in others.

Although I have no contact with Millville politicians other than to say “hi” to the mayor on Facebook occasionally, it would seem to me that somebody smelled a rat, and pulled the plug before the city was on the hook and became a laughingstock.  I could be wrong, it has happened before, but whenever anything sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.



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