Lou: Facebookers Comment

Interesting post and series of comments on Facebook.  Contributors’ names have been deleted.


Lou Magazzu is now putting the pieces in place to regain control of the Cumberland County Democrat Organization . He intends to take control in 2 years.

Some of the responses:

  • It will be a disaster for the entire county. It was the first time. This time it will be many times worse.
  • You are not alone in that sentiment.
  • Wonder who will do his promotional material…I hope it’s not the last company they hired….The pictures weren’t very favorable…Ha Ha.
  • As you know it’s who in the Democratic wants to endorse him. So good luck I hope and pray that the people understand truly what is going on.
  • Sometimes I am totally amazed at who the parties choose to endorse. I’ll never understand politics.
  • not unexpected…an ego that large, when not able to satiate itself, manifests into megalomania, a psychiatric disorder in which the patient experiences delusions of great power and importance…
  • I do hope people separate their problems with his policies from their problems with his… indiscretions. I think if he’s a good political leader the whole photo scandal shouldn’t be the deciding factor. (Not at all saying I think he’s a good leader or not one, just saying this county has bigger problems to solve than nudey pics.)
  • He was good at taking credit for everything. He was a very distructive leader.
  • His greatest joy is trying to destroy those who disagree with him.

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