Magazzu’s decisions continue to plague the county

Under Lou Magazzu’s regime, misconduct was often overlooked, and sometimes it seemed to be rewarded. Diligent employees would be targeted, and nepotism and favoritism were the norm. Magazzu is long gone, but his regime lives on under the gross negligence of Doug Long, a Gloucester County hack who plans to continue to use Cumberland County as Camden and Gloucester dumping grounds.

The latest scandal to hit the news is one of yet more sexual harassment and racism from high up the ranks.

Legal papers filed by a detective at the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office describe a work environment in which she was sexually harassed while enduring an “unrelenting barrage” of vulgar, anti-gay and racist comments by her supervisor.

Detective Lynn Wehling, who has worked in various divisions of the Prosecutor’s Office since 2004, has filed a tort notice signaling she intends to sue her employer for neglecting to reprimand Sgt. George Chopek. Wehling claims Chopek repeatedly verbally abused her over the years because of her gender and sexual orientation.

The people emplaced by the Democratic juggernaut that has been Cumberland County politics for over three decades have racked up civil lawsuit after civil lawsuit for various forms of harassment. Many employees simply quietly slinked away for greener fields rather than entangle themselves in expensive lawsuits they could ill afford. It appears the modus operandi of the county has been to ignore judgments, and refuse to pay on the lawsuits they lose. Rather, they drag their feet forcing the case to go to federal court. It matters not that this will ultimately cost the county more, for when payment ultimately needs to be made, it will be under someone else’s watch.


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