Now you see Lou’s law license, now you don’t

Is Lou Magazzu a practicing attorney, or is he not? I suppose that depends on the time of year.  September 24, 2012 – Lou Magazzu is on this list from the Supreme Court of New Jersey of attorneys ineligible to practice law.  Of course, we understand that Lou takes the word practice seriously, he still hasn’t gotten good at it.

A person in a professional occupation has certain expectation made of them. One is that they are diligent enough to renew their license to practice business in a timely manner. It seems that Lou is the ultimate procrastinator, failing to take care of such mundane issues as paying bills and legal memberships – and did I mention, his mortgage?- until such time as it becomes an issue.

If you are one of Lou’s unfortunate clients, take heart. On January 14, 2013, the Supreme court of New Jersey reports that Lou is reinstated.

On a side note, Jeff DiLazzero from the law firm of Kavanaugh and DiLazzero was also on the list of ineligible attorneys – he did not make it on the reinstatement list. Brendan Kavanaugh, from the firm, was appointed by Magazzu to a county position, had served as chair of the local Democratic Party, and had been one of Lou’s biggest apologists.

That’s all the news I have heard from my outpost in the Sonoran Desert. Cheers.

One Response to Now you see Lou’s law license, now you don’t

  1. From Jeff DiLazzero:

    I just saw your post dated May 12, 2013 regarding Lou Magazzu being placed on the list of attorneys who are ineligible to practice law in New Jersey and then being reinstated. In that same post, you inaccurately state that my license to practice law was not reinstated. That is not correct. The New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund For Client Protection reinstated me to the list of attorneys who are eligible to practice law in New Jersey on September 27, 2012. I have a letter from the New Jersey Lawyers’ Fund to prove this. For your information, I was listed as ineligible purely because I forgot to pay an annual fee. I was reinstated immediately after I paid that fee. Frankly, I do not know why it was necessary to mention my name in the first place. In the future I hope that you will get your facts straight before casting my name in a negative light. At the very least, you should have the courage to use your real name instead of a nom de plume.

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