Will Whelan resign?

Interesting article in the news today: Sexual assault investigation reveals freeholder director’s wife unregistered home daycare

Too many things are running through my mind…

  • The democrats insist on registering gun owners but will look the other way with unregistered day cares that allow children to be (allegedly) molested…
  • Bill Whelan is a high ranking official at a major bank but doesn’t understand basic state regulations…
  • Bob Balicki is ready at the helm to stab anyone in the back….

2 Responses to Will Whelan resign?

  1. The first thing that comes to my mind is that Whelan was the most scrupulous (if that word can be used to describe any of the leaders in the county) person on the Freeholder board and refused to go along with some underhanded deal.

    This is just conjecture – but in my humble opinion this was an inside job. Many people in the party were guilty of far worse legal transgressions than failing to file a piece of paperwork, so why would Balicki immediately be rendering an opinion IN the article that reported the situation?

    Who did Whelan piss off in the Democrat organization in Cumberland County to deserve not even the usual defense of “we are looking into this…”?

  2. Guess-Who says:

    WTF is going on in Cumberland County.
    3% Tax increase, 21 NEW position[s] at the County Jail (Do U have any IDEA where these “NEW” employee[s] are coming from ?).

    Local Political Party “BOSSES” making Comments to the Newspaper reporter.

    The article is very DISTURBING, if what has been Reported is True.
    (When will Charges be Filed & is there a Grand Jury being convened ?).

    While these so called “Party Bosses” are licking their chops, wondering WHO will be NEXT to take their ORDER[S]!!!!

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