Will Lou be asked to replace Whelan?

Yesterday I posted an article about an incident of sexual assault that occurred in Freeholder Bill Whelan’s house – the incident brought to light Whelan’s wife’s illegal child care business. Whelan is a bank president, and as such is familiar with New Jersey statutes, or should be. As a freeholder, he understands that businesses have to have permits of some sort, and as the politicians say, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

As freeholder director, you are expected to be above reproach, after all when you raise the taxes of every household in the county by 3% and argue that taxes must always increase and never decrease, you understand that your life will be under the microscope. It appears that the politicians of Cumberland County feel that they are above the law, or above reproach. It is clear that Whelan’s position apparently played some role in the state refusing to press the issue of the unlicensed child care business. Special treatment is always allowed for those in position in the county – I know of several instances of people with home child care businesses that were skewered for the same infraction of failing to register their business with the state.  Bill’s wife was given a free pass, if news reports are to be believed.

A little birdie in Millville has been keeping me apprised of this story – I only check the Millville news to see who I know that has recently deceased, and try not to get involved in local issues as the quagmire this is Cumberland County politics is one of the reasons I gladly left the state of New Jersey for a kinder climate.

The assault issue has been percolating, and has caused Whelan to avoid freeholder meetings and to neglect his duty as director. It seems that now the powers that be have turned on him, which makes me wonder who he pissed off, as the CCDO generally does its best to cover up or squash negative publicity such as this. Bob Balicki was the first to stick a knife in Whelan’s back. The Press of AC picked up on the story…

Cumberland County Democratic leader Bob Balicki said the incidents make up a “serious matter that needs investigation.”

Balicki holds the position of Director of the CCDO – and this site has questioned how a person holding this important political position can also be the warden of the county jail, as there is a decided conflict of interest. But history has shown that in Cumberland County, issues of integrity rarely conflict with the agenda.

Now it seems that Doug Long is jumping into the fray.  According to the Daily Journal:

Freeholder Deputy Director Doug Long said he sympathizes with his director and friend, but said resignation is a decision Whelan would have to consider himself.

With two major players making public statements, it seems that Bills’ days are numbered. That would leave a vacancy. Now, since this incident has been percolating for several months, and the key decision makers are putting the pressure for a resignation, I know that following their modus operandi there is a replacement waiting in the wings. Could that replacement be a player that knows the game?  Could that player be Lou Magazzu?


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