Whelan resigns – will Magazzu make a comeback?

Bill Whelan resigned from the Freeholder board, leaving vacant once again a Democrat seat.  During his tenure he proved again and again his incompetence – the latest proof being the illegal day care center operated under his roof because he “didn’t know the rules”. I suppose he was too busy ensuring that Cumberland County residents saw a 3 cent increase in their already burdensome property taxes to be concerned with following the rules.  And he manages banks? I for one would NEVER do business with any bank he manages, if he is so careless with his own matters.

In a rambling incoherent resignation letter, he fails to give any reason for his departure that makes any sense whatsoever:

“Sixteen years ago, I had a family emergency that caused me to rethink my career,” Whelan states in the letter. “I did not need to leave my position at that time but thought I could improve the balance of my life in favor of spending more time at home. Recent activities have now caused me to do the same rethinking I did 16 years ago.

“I realize now that I should again rebalance my life,” he continues in the letter. “It is for that reason that I am resigning from the office of Cumberland County freeholder. I am grateful I have been able to serve the wonderful people of our county and I thank all those who have been so supportive. I love our county and I believe our future is bright.”

CCDO Chairman Bob Balicki, who you will remember was the one to put the knife into Whelan’s back and was first to throw him under the bus came out with an eloquent if insincere quote to the press:

“This is a sad day for Cumberland County. Bill Whelan has been a driving force for reform in our county government, and his leadership has been vital to making our plan a reality.
“As I said from the beginning, we understand and appreciate Bill’s need to focus his energies elsewhere and, as such, accept his decision. Bill has been a great freeholder and will leave big shoes to fill.”
So the Democrats that have just given Cumberland County a major tax increase and are now wholeheartedly dedicated to destroying every city by bringing in MORE prisoners from out of town, ensuring a total destruction of quality of life have two quandaries. The foremost is filling the role of Freeholder Director. It seems that Tony Surace, mouthpiece of Ed Salmon, will fill that slot. Ed Salmon will be happy that he finally gets to run Cumberland County from behind the scenes, being that he is unelectable himself.
And then we have an empty Freeholder seat – who is going to fill that. Has Lou Magazzu been humbled enough that he will play along with the party? Will they risk asking him back, knowing that the majority of voters in the county are absolutely clueless anyway, and will pull the lever if his name is on the ballot?
And what is the dirt I am hearing about Doug Rainear?

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