Sheriff not allowed to carry a gun?

I just heard a rumor that the sheriff, the incompetent Bob Austino, and his butt-buddy Norm Frankel are no longer allowed to carry a gun, and have lost law enforcement credentials.

I reiterate – this is a rumor – I have not received confirmation yet, but if this is true, Cumberland County has truly become the theater of the absurd.

The only reason this is pertinent on this site is that Lou Magazzu was the force behind bringing this liar and person of a checkered background into the position of being the top law enforcement officer in Cumberland County.

If anyone has further information about this rumor, either to confirm or deny, I would be happy to hear.


6 Responses to Sheriff not allowed to carry a gun?

  1. Julie says:

    As usual, your attack is baseless. You make statements that have not been confirmed.

  2. Julie, if you had even one iota of reading comprehension, you would realize that I stated quite clearly that this was a rumor at this point – hence no STATEMENT as you erroneously attest. Since you KNOW the facts, please provide documentation to prove your point.

  3. CBKennedy says:

    Hi, I’m uninformed, who is Norm Frankel please? I don’t recall seeing his name in the local paper, but with the butt-buddy to the entire Cumberland County Democratic Party writing most of the local stories( J. Hummel), I’m not too surprised. His reporting is pure dreck, and that’s an insult to dreck everywhere.

  4. Norm Frankel is one of two undersheriff’s – he is a total lackey and party patsy. Austino took the job at a cut rate price – in my opinion it was because he knew he was not worthy of a full salary, being totally incompetent and a known liar. He had to hire TWO undersheriffs, culminating any savings to the taxpayers – and is in the position to basically ensure that the sheriff’s department fulfills the wishes of the corrupt democratic majority in the county.

  5. CBKennedy says:

    Thanks—anymore one why they can’t carry….is it something accross the board or just these guys….?

  6. That is what I am trying to find out – I was informed by someone in the county, but they did not provide any documentation. To carry a sidearm, all LE must qualify regularly, so if I had to wager a guess I would suspect it has something to do with that.

    I mean geez – even Deputy Fife was allowed to have one bullet for his gun!

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