Al Kelly under investigation for conflict of interest

Okay, you really have to read the news article, especially the Democrats’ defense of the indefensible. To view the entire audit, click here.

Al Kelly and Lou Magazzu had a long-time unholy alliance, and King Lou would bend over backwards giving Kelly anything he wanted, without any accountability whatsoever. In exchange, Kelly delivered the vote for the D’s.

Kelly is now mayor of Bridgeton, and he has continues to do nothing that would actually help the working class in the city, instead furthering its decline into urban blight. After all, only blighted cities can qualify for federal and state handouts, and Kelly’s non-profit profits to the tune of over $50 million annually in taxpayer subsidized money – most of it going to pay cronies and family and very little actually going to programs that really do help the people that need it the most.

The report opens with a review of city-owned properties, showing that Bridgeton has far more than the two other cities, which are far larger. The report found that the city of Bridgeton was wasting taxpayers’ money by failing to take inexpensive measures to ensure that these properties are sold to private entities, and place back on the tax rolls.

However, mismanagement aside – I mean there is not one right-minded individual that expected the City of Bridgeton to be run properly with Al Kelly at the helm. The damning part of the audit was the finding of alleged conflict of interest. wrote this:

“The mayor signed the resolution in his capacity as mayor,’’ it read. “The mayor also signed for the city a memorandum of understanding between the company and the city memorializing the terms and conditions of the agreement between those parties.

It is a laugh riot reading the statements by Kelly’s sycophants and the Democrat leadership, as they attempt to change the meaning of “conflict of interest”. Al is mayor of Bridgeton, Al is president of Gateway, Al as mayor signed and agreement that he then signed as president of Gateway – and agreement that benefited Gateway at the expense of the residents of the city of Bridgeton. A deal that benefited him as president of Gateway. Yeah, right, I don’t see no bloody conflict…

You just have to remember, all of this was made possible by decisions made by Lou Magazzu back when he thought he was king. Those that have replaced him are proving to be no better in their decisions or treatment of the county working class. More inmates shipped to the county for “easy money” at the expense of the safety of our neighborhoods and well-being of our children. Tax increases on an annual basis despite the fact that the county really offers few services that positively impact the working poor in the county.

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