Magazzu still costing the county

Even though he is long gone, Lou Magazzu’s ghost still haunts the county. His ill-conceived and not quite legal midnight deal to lease the county social services building in Vineland from a long-time campaign supporter and political insider was in the news, as Doug Long was complaining about what a bad deal it was for the county. Yeah, Doug, no sheeite. Of course, why is it only NOW that the party is recognizing this publicly, while every year previously the deal was ardently defended by some of the same sycophants that are sitting in Freeholder seats today?

Now, Doug wants to spend $35 MILLION of taxpayers money to move the social services building out of Vineland and into Bridgeton (more of the unholy alliance between Al Kelly and the Freeholders later) thus making it next to impossible for the majority of people that use the social services to access it. Currently, regardless of the lease fiasco, the location is more centralized for more people. It would be far less expensive to leave the operations in place, and to simply purchase the property. But, that makes far too much sense for the Democrat leadership in Cumberland County, who are always seeking for new ways to spend money they don’t have to justify even more tax increases and increased burdens on the already strapped taxpayers in the state’s poorest county.

And then, to add insult to injury, the county lost the lawsuit to be reimbursed for repairs necessary due to shoddy workmanship on the court house. MWatch has repeatedly spoken up about this travesty – demanding action sooner than the elected Democrats wanted.  They filed the suit two years after the statute of limitations – again, you would think with the legal minds they have they would understand the law – and so I can only suppose that this was a maneuver designed to evade criticism. Their political cronies got the court house job, and as is apparent, were nowhere nearly qualified to perform the duties prescribed.

A lawsuit, if won, could cause these companies bad press as well as insurance premium woes – so why not spend taxpayers’ money on a lawsuit that is sure to be lost, so that our Freeholders can whine,”we tried, sorry”? This lawsuit was a glorious case of misdirection – make it appear that you are doping something when you know the end results will be the exact opposite – otherwise, why ignore the statute of limitations and attempt to cover up the true extent of the damages until it is too late to sue your political friends?


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