Proof of how filthy Cumberlabd County Democrats are..

birdsall and pay to play in New JerseyI mean, we already knew this, but according to a story published on a couple months ago, and never really picked up by the local Cumberland County media, who are intent on protecting their candidates at all costs, including covering up the truth, the Cumberland County D’s have been neck deep in pay to play. I regret that one politician, a friend of mine, lied to my face and proclaimed that he would have nothing to do with such antics.

According to the story, “Birdsall, bankrupt and a shadow of its former self, admitted in state court this month to dumping loads of illegal campaign donations into the coffers of elected officials, a practice one former employee said “regularly won contracts” for the company.”

What is interesting us that Birdsall execs were indicted in this highly illegal scheme, but none of the politicians that aided and abetted and profited and blatantly violated the public trust have been fingered. Such is business as usual in New Jersey; Birdsall became vulnerable through their bankruptcy and became the  sacrificial lamb. The AG will pat itself on the back for cleaning up New Jersey, and pay to play will continue as usual. Cumberland County will as always be at the forefront of this illegal money.


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