Lou Magazzu rises again in Buena Vista Twp

Lou Magazzu has crawled out from under a dark rock somewhere, and is now wreaking havoc in Buena Vista Twp. I suppose destroying Cumberland County’s economy was not enough for him, and now he is broadening his horizons to Atlantic County. You have to understand, under his wise leadership, Cumberland County topped all of the wrong lists, such as poorest county, most children in poverty, highest teen pregnancy – well, you get the idea.

Currently, Lou is siding with developers in Buena Vista, working diligently to destroy the livelihoods of small business people in an act that will most certainly benefit some developer that he is in bed with. He is even on TV, although this time it is not about him texting naked pictures of himself.

Now, I am not about to take sides on the propriety of actions taken to date on the Buena Vista Twp project – after all, I lived in Arizona now, and am not vested in this whatsoever. However, whenever Louie Louie raises his ugly head, I have to comment. Rest assured that nothing that he has ever done has been for the public benefit, Lou has always had ulterior, self-benefiting, political motives.

This grandstanding might be the start of him edging back into the public spotlight in order to resurrect his political career, and that would be bad news for everybody involved.


2 Responses to Lou Magazzu rises again in Buena Vista Twp

  1. Julie says:

    Funny how nobody but you comments. You must lead a VERY boring life. Get off Lou’s back and get a life. Apparently, he has many friends that stood by him and continue to do so.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    This was probably the REACTION of the Crowd in B.V.T.;
    When Louie went to the Podium:

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