Doug Rainear, Lou’s Right Hand Man is a Liar

The Daily Journal printed letters way past the deadline for anyone to respond. One letter comes from Doug Rainear, a person that had his head so far up Lou Magazzu’s buttocks that there was no depth too far for him  to dive, not gutter to filthy to wallow in.  Doug Rainear, a few years ago, broke his promise to take less than the mandated salary; he claimed financial hardships as his reason for lying to the voters. The Daily Journal ran a surprisingly vicious editorial slamming Rainear for being just another pig at the trough.  It was only the onslaught of negative public opinion, and the outrage of people that had at one time supported Rainear because they wrongly thought that he had one decent bone in his body.  So now, he writes:

Surrogate: I saved taxpayers $160,000 with salary giveback

Because of some recent negative, malicious and just despicable political ads and commercials, I feel it is important to set the record straight.

Over the past few days, I have been the target of some of the most incredibly vicious attacks from my opponents that are, quite simply, lies.

the fact of the matter is I voluntarily took a $32,000 pay cut each year for the past five years, resulting in a savings of $160,000 to the taxpayers of Cumberland County.

In fact, I am the only constitutional officer in the state who took less than the statutory, mandated minimum salary — much to the displeasure of my colleagues throughout the state.

Send a loud and clear message to those who would stoop to such low levels to win an election at whatever the cost to others.

Thanks to each of you for your past support. I humbly ask for your continued support once again. I will not disappoint your confidence.

Douglas Rainear

Cumberland County Surrogate

The fact of the matter is, Doug, you are a sleaze.  If there was any way for you to have taken the full salary without the public knowing, you know full well that you would have. How much are you planning on taking this time, if you should win?  Are you promising to continue the same salary, with no increases?  Do you take the free healthcare that the taxpayers have to foot?  Have you yet worked one full week at your job?  I know for a fact that you rarely put in full work days, and if you have worked a full five day week, it would probably be because you had nobody waiting to meet you in Fortesque.

Another letter, by the “reverend” Al Kelly, contained verifiable falsehoods, which does not surprise me because Kelly is not a man of God, but a man for himself. You will be hard-pressed to find another  individual in Cumberland County living large under the pretense of helping the less fortunate.

Rainear kept his promise and saved taxpayers money

Doug Rainear kept his promise and voluntarily took a pay cut, thereby saving taxpayers $160,000 over five years.

Don’t be fooled by the lies of his opponents. The fact is Doug took a $32,000 a year pay cut over the last five years. What other elected official has ever done that? That answer is easy: none.

Doug record of achievements is long and distinguished. Don’t be fooled by partisan lies and distortions. The simple fact and truth is Doug did what no other elected official has ever done — saved taxpayers $160,000 by taking a voluntary pay cut. Regardless of your party affiliation, this is an easy choice: Re-elect Doug Rainear to continue as our Cumberland County surrogate. He has earned our support.

Albert Kelly

Mayor of Bridgeton

Al – you know damned well the incompetent Sheriff also took that pay reduction – which was quickly offset by his need to hire a second undersheriff due to his inability to perform his job functions properly. But then, we have never expected Al Kelly to speak the unadulterated truth, to do so would risk the 6-figure salaries of his friends and relatives at his so-called social agency, an agency that exists solely to line the pockets of cronies.

THIS is what Democrat leadership has brought to Bridgeton and Cumberland County – you STILL are in first place on all of the wrong lists.


7 Responses to Doug Rainear, Lou’s Right Hand Man is a Liar

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Hey Dougie hows the Widowmaker ?
    Here is Dougs own words!!!!!

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Notice what is SAID at 2:58 on the Timer in the Video above & the Stats at 4:57 on the Video Timer

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Remember this MWatch Posting from Dec. 1st 2010, and the Daily Journal Editorial from the Publisher that replaced C.Nutt,

    Daily Journal this morning December 1 2010 we were shocked at the editorial. It is not that we don’t agree with it, we agree with it whole-heartedly. It was shocking to see the DJ actually take a stand for once.

    Charlie Nutt is gone, and a new editor has taken his place. I think this is a good thing, if today’s editorial is a portent of things to come. The editorial begins…

    Once again, it’s promises made, promises broken by a politician.

    Douglas Rainear, a longtime Cumberland County freeholder who was elected surrogate in 2008, is putting his personal interests ahead of the public’s and seeks to be paid the full $107,250 salary authorized under state law as a constitutional officer. More disturbingly, with county unemployment in double digits and people still being laid off and furloughed in a jobless recovery, he wants retroactive payment for 2010 of $32,500 in salary.

    Remember the Photoshopped image of Doug as the Pig. This picture said more than a 1,000 WORDS!!!!!! Read the rest of the editorial, it speaks the truth!

    Just go back to the Story read it here on MWatch from Dec 1 2010 and get the REAL FACTS as They are Stubborn Things!

  4. Guess-Who says:

    There also was another Article in the Daily Journal on Nov. 30, 2010 about Doug Rainer and the Salary increase.

    Remember it was the PRESSURE that was applied through different Media Sources that Quashed this.

    Does anyone remember WHY Dougie wanted his Pay INCREASED by $32,500 to the $107,500.00 ?

  5. CBKennedy says:

    Rainer claimed that his request was do to a health crisis(cardiovascular, if I remember correctly) and the $$$ was for his family ….i.e. Financial security with his “widow maker” event. I guess Doug’s feeling better—he is huge though, and so is that Al Kelly, who is always touting healthy lifestyle choices.

  6. ohmy! says:

    Irrelevant then, irrelevant now! Feel so sorry for you pathetic souls. Who’ s next on your hate list? The Sheriff I presume, who will once again defeat Baruzza if he dares to run again. Maybe the Chief Codispoti who got whipped? Time will tell, but you and Guess-Who (Cares) will sure be there spitting out your hatred.

  7. Guess-Who says:

    Ohmy, Is this WHAT u are ASKING 4 ?:

    PS: U are just like the Words in the Video!!

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