Cumberland County tops another list

Cumberland County is also the fattest county in the state.

Cumberland County tops the list, with 33.4 percent of its residents considered obese in 2010. Salem County was close behind with 32.8 percent of its residents struggling with obesity.


One Response to Cumberland County tops another list

  1. Calhoun says:

    I believe this explains why much of the County is sinking into the Delaware Bay. For those who want to save Bay Point, Fortescue, Gandy’s Beach, Matts Landing, Money Island, and Sea Breeze your focus on levees, bulkheads, dikes etc may be misplaced. Perhaps the focus should be on putting the County on a diet. “Save the Bayshore, Take the Fork Out of Fatty’s Hands.”

    At 601 pounds, I have done my part to put the County on top of that list and help sink it into the Bay. Soon Millville will be right on the bayfront and our bayfront properties will be worth a lot more. See you at the Golden Corral buffet. All you can eat!

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