Cumberland County is all abuzz…

A reader pointed out this current news story, which we felt was relevant as Jennifer Webb-McRae is a Lou Magazzu appointee. Plus, as he said, “It is f*****g hilarious”.  To understand how Jennifer got into her position – as Prosecutor – you have to understand the history,  Former prosecutor Ron Casella dared to insist on an increase in manpower in order to run his department properly – he wanted two new employees.  He was not asking for the world, and made due under poor working conditions forced on him by Lou’s regime. You can read the gory details in a previous post on the Watch.  Magazzu refused to grant the needed employees because it was an election year, forcing Ron to file a lawsuit.  An independent authority not only found that the Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office was severely understaffed, but the offices were not conducive to effectively carrying out the duties that were constitutionally assigned. In effect, Lou Magazzu and company were violating the rights of the public to a working justice system in the county.

Lou ousted Ron, and appointed Democrat loyalist Jennifer Webb McRae. Now for the most part, I have been happy with her work as prosecutor.  She truly cares about her community, and is actively involved in can be seen walking the neighborhoods, making personal contact with the residents. She is utterly fearless. However, she is extremely partisan and political, and has made moves behind the scenes that can only be described as politically motivated. But, then again, that comes with the job. Ron Casella is evidence of what happens when you don’t do what the party demands. Doug Long is just as nasty and vile as Magazzu ever was, totally partisan, and willing to persecute those that go against the party, including using party resources to attack private citizens in senseless lawsuits for the sole purpose of hurting them financially.

So, as the story goes, Jennifer went shopping for adult toys with a co-worker. One co-worker gossiped to another, who reported to the Office Professional Standard’s Unit because she felt, rightfully so, that it was improper for the one employee to gossip about what was done on personal time. The employee that gossiped allegedly was demoted for her loose tongue.

Okay – my take.  What Jennifer wants to buy and use on her own time is her own business.  Of course, ne has to wonder why two vibrators?  But we will leave the imagination to the side, and deal with facts. Embarrassing?  Possibly, but no crime.  The employee that gossiped – out of line?  Sure, but we do not know the entire context.

So the issue at hand is did Jennifer retaliate in true Magazzu fashion against an employee, which would be totally illegal, for an incident that merely should have been addressed in a closed door session with whatever qualifies at the Human Resources department in the county?



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    A Slumber Party, enjoy the tune ?

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