Blast from the past!

It has been many years since I have posted. The raging currents of the river we call Life have carried me away from a region that was my home for 80% of my life. I am living in the Arizonan Sonoran Desert, in the East Valley. I still pay attention to Cumberland County politics, if only peripherally. And every once in a while a chance occurrence causes me to revisit this website.

A friend, it would be rude to call her an accomplice, contacted me recently. Like a phoenix arising from the ashes, it was much of a surprise to hear from her; I decided it would only be apropos to surprise those lurkers that are regularly visiting this site, in vain, hoping to dirty their feet in the potential mud, by adding water to the pile of compost.

Much has happened in a few years.  The Vineland-Bridgeton metropolitan area had the honor of being named the “most dangerous metro area in the Northeast Untied States” in 2014. Doug Long, chair of the Cumberland County Democratic organization, and R. Todd Edward, chair of the Bridgeton party are doing their utmost, I am sure, to preserve this heritage.  Both of these men have been profiled on thsi website.

Doug Long has the distinction of having an ethics complaints;  of quid-pro-quo, involving other democrats from other counties, involving attempting to force taxpayers into paying salaries for candidates in positions for which they may or may not have been absolutely qualified, involving what appears to be serious ignorance of the law; and of negligence in their own business, of the improper use of entrusted funds of clients tot he tune of almost $200,000.

It can only be conjectured that these ethical lapses are the reason that Long is not running again for a position on the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders. long still has his tentacles firmly wrapped around the control of the county party, and we can be sure that the candidates for the upcoming election will offer no resistance to Long’s direction.

We can be sure that R. Todd Edward will do everything in his power to ensure that Bridgeton maintains its position of the 25th most dangerous city in the USA, and possibly bringing it up a few notches as the party works lock-step with the Camden County Norcross machine, as the county continues to accept even more filth from Gloucester and Camden counties as room is made at the Cumberland County jail to accept new clientele. With County democrat co-chairman Bob Balicki running the jail at an insane salary – much more than the unacceptable $75,000 a year the Freeholders are willing to pay their sheriff – Bob is happy to follow the Norcross agenda and help clean up Camden County at the expense of the quality of life in Cumberland County.

I do know that my old home turf at Sassafras Street in Millville is still a shooting gallery, with ever increasing and disturbing reports of constant gun violence courtesy of the many new residents that have been invited into town thanks to the prisons and Cumberland County jail policies, embraced by the local Democratic Party.

We bid farewell to Lou Magazzu years ago – and the local situation has not improved.  The Republicans blew their chance, a chance handed to them directly as a result of actions taken by this website, and rather than working for positive change opted instead to continue the environment of corruption and nepotism and political favoritism, quickly handing the reins back to democrat control. The Democrats lost no time in reinstating their failed policies, and it seems that I expatiated just in the nick of time.

And so I sit on my patio, enjoying the view of the mountains and a cold beer, reminiscing, regretting that I can no longer enjoy refreshments and conversations with the friends that I left behind, but not regretting my decision to relocate. Apache Junction is a town similar in area and population to Millville, NJ.  The towns share many demographics, including, unfortunately, high unemployment. However, the only gunshots I now hear are those of me at target practice in the desert.


2 Responses to Blast from the past!

  1. Great to hear from you WuLi. One of my favorite posts you were following up on was of Barbara Caselli, the former Manor Admissions Clerk who used her job to steal from poor old sick folks in the county nursing home. All under Maggazu’s regieme, and assistance. Years have passed and some known truths have come out. I understand the State AG’s Office was after her for that and several other crimes, but with the help of the Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McCrae (who’s diddling around in law suits over dildos and what not) DCJ opted to cover up the matter by ditching the detective and prosecutor who were just evenhandly doing their jobs. To top it all off Caselli was given a bonus retirement to keep quiet and now lives the high life with her boyfriend down in sunny florida, all while living off the NJ tax payers. Cheers to dirty jerz and all it’s trash….crime does pay!

  2. oinkforfreedom says:

    Hello Carl. My blogs 11 years all night decided to stroll down memory lane and if it’s good to hear from you I noticed posters over-year-old but anyhow keep on scratching !!

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