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One Response to Protocol

  1. azul p. v. says:

    I have a business in the county (and reside here, too). Our business is over 30 years old. We faired well in the area up until the last seven years, when doing business in this area grew expensive, and the business environment (at least for us) became unfriendly.

    I don’t even know Mr. Magazzu. There’s nothing personal here. What I do know and experience is how bad a shape this county has gotten into.

    In terms of quality of education (it’s not for lack of money thrown at it), it’s horrible: we find it difficult to hire locally educated people. Even HS grads can’t do basics like spelling, grammar or math. While some will argue this is not a county issue, I beg to differ. It’s reflective of our leadership.

    In terms of getting things done, permitting processes move at a snail’s pace in Cumberland County, and are insanely expensive.

    In terms of a business environment, if you want to expand a business, the leadership in this county will talk big and deliver zero(unless you’re a famous or powerful name outsider, then they’ll give tax abatements, free land, various subsidies, and jump through flaming hula hoops). Go to the county office and ask for help. They will pass the buck and shoot you from one clueless office to the next, to the next, to the next. I’ve experienced this first hand. If you end up getting answers or help, it is by sheer accident; not by purpose.

    In terms of taxation, it’s ridiculous. We pay rates many times that of neighboring states, and receive much less in the way of services. We even pay rates higher than other counties that take businesses more seriously, and take greater responsibilities for the promotion of prosperity.

    I don’t personally know any of the people running the board (of freeholders).

    What I do know is that Cumberland County is in bad shape, has been for years, and (from a business person’s perspective) keeps going downhill.

    The definition of insanity in this case is voting for the same people and expecting them to improve things. Those in power now have put us here. Re-casting them in the same rolls isn’t going to make things better.

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