Legal Defense Fund

The Cumberland County Democratic political machine rolled over me for reporting, several years ago, on the odious campaign practices such as attempting to enlist ineligible voters on the rolls – people such as a 17 year old, felons, and non-residents.  Who knows how many dead people voted in that election?

I won the case, handily – as it was purely a first amendment issue, and I merely reported facts and posted photos of the unethical GOTV effort and scans of the falsified documents proving attempted fraud.

However, that win cost money – to the tune of well over $8,000.  Certain Republican leaders promised to assist, but like the Democrat leadership, they lied.  Most of the contributions I received came from long time Democrats fed up with the corruption in their own party.  Only One prominent Republican gave, the others that supported the cause were truly not financially able to afford it but did anyway.  People such as Mary Gruccio who benefited proved miserly.

So I am still left with $8,000 in legal bills incurred due to the business of running this website – the interest adds up regularly to the tune of over a thousand dollars since the inception, with no end in sight. If you would like to see this website continue, or would like to help offset my legal bills, even $5 would be appreciated.


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