Al Kelly under investigation for conflict of interest

July 31, 2013

Okay, you really have to read the news article, especially the Democrats’ defense of the indefensible. To view the entire audit, click here.

Al Kelly and Lou Magazzu had a long-time unholy alliance, and King Lou would bend over backwards giving Kelly anything he wanted, without any accountability whatsoever. In exchange, Kelly delivered the vote for the D’s.

Kelly is now mayor of Bridgeton, and he has continues to do nothing that would actually help the working class in the city, instead furthering its decline into urban blight. After all, only blighted cities can qualify for federal and state handouts, and Kelly’s non-profit profits to the tune of over $50 million annually in taxpayer subsidized money – most of it going to pay cronies and family and very little actually going to programs that really do help the people that need it the most.

The report opens with a review of city-owned properties, showing that Bridgeton has far more than the two other cities, which are far larger. The report found that the city of Bridgeton was wasting taxpayers’ money by failing to take inexpensive measures to ensure that these properties are sold to private entities, and place back on the tax rolls.

However, mismanagement aside – I mean there is not one right-minded individual that expected the City of Bridgeton to be run properly with Al Kelly at the helm. The damning part of the audit was the finding of alleged conflict of interest. wrote this:

“The mayor signed the resolution in his capacity as mayor,’’ it read. “The mayor also signed for the city a memorandum of understanding between the company and the city memorializing the terms and conditions of the agreement between those parties.

It is a laugh riot reading the statements by Kelly’s sycophants and the Democrat leadership, as they attempt to change the meaning of “conflict of interest”. Al is mayor of Bridgeton, Al is president of Gateway, Al as mayor signed and agreement that he then signed as president of Gateway – and agreement that benefited Gateway at the expense of the residents of the city of Bridgeton. A deal that benefited him as president of Gateway. Yeah, right, I don’t see no bloody conflict…

You just have to remember, all of this was made possible by decisions made by Lou Magazzu back when he thought he was king. Those that have replaced him are proving to be no better in their decisions or treatment of the county working class. More inmates shipped to the county for “easy money” at the expense of the safety of our neighborhoods and well-being of our children. Tax increases on an annual basis despite the fact that the county really offers few services that positively impact the working poor in the county.


Magazzu still costing the county

July 31, 2013

Even though he is long gone, Lou Magazzu’s ghost still haunts the county. His ill-conceived and not quite legal midnight deal to lease the county social services building in Vineland from a long-time campaign supporter and political insider was in the news, as Doug Long was complaining about what a bad deal it was for the county. Yeah, Doug, no sheeite. Of course, why is it only NOW that the party is recognizing this publicly, while every year previously the deal was ardently defended by some of the same sycophants that are sitting in Freeholder seats today?

Now, Doug wants to spend $35 MILLION of taxpayers money to move the social services building out of Vineland and into Bridgeton (more of the unholy alliance between Al Kelly and the Freeholders later) thus making it next to impossible for the majority of people that use the social services to access it. Currently, regardless of the lease fiasco, the location is more centralized for more people. It would be far less expensive to leave the operations in place, and to simply purchase the property. But, that makes far too much sense for the Democrat leadership in Cumberland County, who are always seeking for new ways to spend money they don’t have to justify even more tax increases and increased burdens on the already strapped taxpayers in the state’s poorest county.

And then, to add insult to injury, the county lost the lawsuit to be reimbursed for repairs necessary due to shoddy workmanship on the court house. MWatch has repeatedly spoken up about this travesty – demanding action sooner than the elected Democrats wanted.  They filed the suit two years after the statute of limitations – again, you would think with the legal minds they have they would understand the law – and so I can only suppose that this was a maneuver designed to evade criticism. Their political cronies got the court house job, and as is apparent, were nowhere nearly qualified to perform the duties prescribed.

A lawsuit, if won, could cause these companies bad press as well as insurance premium woes – so why not spend taxpayers’ money on a lawsuit that is sure to be lost, so that our Freeholders can whine,”we tried, sorry”? This lawsuit was a glorious case of misdirection – make it appear that you are doping something when you know the end results will be the exact opposite – otherwise, why ignore the statute of limitations and attempt to cover up the true extent of the damages until it is too late to sue your political friends?

Sheriff not allowed to carry a gun?

July 10, 2013

I just heard a rumor that the sheriff, the incompetent Bob Austino, and his butt-buddy Norm Frankel are no longer allowed to carry a gun, and have lost law enforcement credentials.

I reiterate – this is a rumor – I have not received confirmation yet, but if this is true, Cumberland County has truly become the theater of the absurd.

The only reason this is pertinent on this site is that Lou Magazzu was the force behind bringing this liar and person of a checkered background into the position of being the top law enforcement officer in Cumberland County.

If anyone has further information about this rumor, either to confirm or deny, I would be happy to hear.

Whelan resigns – will Magazzu make a comeback?

July 6, 2013

Bill Whelan resigned from the Freeholder board, leaving vacant once again a Democrat seat.  During his tenure he proved again and again his incompetence – the latest proof being the illegal day care center operated under his roof because he “didn’t know the rules”. I suppose he was too busy ensuring that Cumberland County residents saw a 3 cent increase in their already burdensome property taxes to be concerned with following the rules.  And he manages banks? I for one would NEVER do business with any bank he manages, if he is so careless with his own matters.

In a rambling incoherent resignation letter, he fails to give any reason for his departure that makes any sense whatsoever:

“Sixteen years ago, I had a family emergency that caused me to rethink my career,” Whelan states in the letter. “I did not need to leave my position at that time but thought I could improve the balance of my life in favor of spending more time at home. Recent activities have now caused me to do the same rethinking I did 16 years ago.

“I realize now that I should again rebalance my life,” he continues in the letter. “It is for that reason that I am resigning from the office of Cumberland County freeholder. I am grateful I have been able to serve the wonderful people of our county and I thank all those who have been so supportive. I love our county and I believe our future is bright.”

CCDO Chairman Bob Balicki, who you will remember was the one to put the knife into Whelan’s back and was first to throw him under the bus came out with an eloquent if insincere quote to the press:

“This is a sad day for Cumberland County. Bill Whelan has been a driving force for reform in our county government, and his leadership has been vital to making our plan a reality.
“As I said from the beginning, we understand and appreciate Bill’s need to focus his energies elsewhere and, as such, accept his decision. Bill has been a great freeholder and will leave big shoes to fill.”
So the Democrats that have just given Cumberland County a major tax increase and are now wholeheartedly dedicated to destroying every city by bringing in MORE prisoners from out of town, ensuring a total destruction of quality of life have two quandaries. The foremost is filling the role of Freeholder Director. It seems that Tony Surace, mouthpiece of Ed Salmon, will fill that slot. Ed Salmon will be happy that he finally gets to run Cumberland County from behind the scenes, being that he is unelectable himself.
And then we have an empty Freeholder seat – who is going to fill that. Has Lou Magazzu been humbled enough that he will play along with the party? Will they risk asking him back, knowing that the majority of voters in the county are absolutely clueless anyway, and will pull the lever if his name is on the ballot?
And what is the dirt I am hearing about Doug Rainear?

Will Lou be asked to replace Whelan?

June 26, 2013

Yesterday I posted an article about an incident of sexual assault that occurred in Freeholder Bill Whelan’s house – the incident brought to light Whelan’s wife’s illegal child care business. Whelan is a bank president, and as such is familiar with New Jersey statutes, or should be. As a freeholder, he understands that businesses have to have permits of some sort, and as the politicians say, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

As freeholder director, you are expected to be above reproach, after all when you raise the taxes of every household in the county by 3% and argue that taxes must always increase and never decrease, you understand that your life will be under the microscope. It appears that the politicians of Cumberland County feel that they are above the law, or above reproach. It is clear that Whelan’s position apparently played some role in the state refusing to press the issue of the unlicensed child care business. Special treatment is always allowed for those in position in the county – I know of several instances of people with home child care businesses that were skewered for the same infraction of failing to register their business with the state.  Bill’s wife was given a free pass, if news reports are to be believed.

A little birdie in Millville has been keeping me apprised of this story – I only check the Millville news to see who I know that has recently deceased, and try not to get involved in local issues as the quagmire this is Cumberland County politics is one of the reasons I gladly left the state of New Jersey for a kinder climate.

The assault issue has been percolating, and has caused Whelan to avoid freeholder meetings and to neglect his duty as director. It seems that now the powers that be have turned on him, which makes me wonder who he pissed off, as the CCDO generally does its best to cover up or squash negative publicity such as this. Bob Balicki was the first to stick a knife in Whelan’s back. The Press of AC picked up on the story…

Cumberland County Democratic leader Bob Balicki said the incidents make up a “serious matter that needs investigation.”

Balicki holds the position of Director of the CCDO – and this site has questioned how a person holding this important political position can also be the warden of the county jail, as there is a decided conflict of interest. But history has shown that in Cumberland County, issues of integrity rarely conflict with the agenda.

Now it seems that Doug Long is jumping into the fray.  According to the Daily Journal:

Freeholder Deputy Director Doug Long said he sympathizes with his director and friend, but said resignation is a decision Whelan would have to consider himself.

With two major players making public statements, it seems that Bills’ days are numbered. That would leave a vacancy. Now, since this incident has been percolating for several months, and the key decision makers are putting the pressure for a resignation, I know that following their modus operandi there is a replacement waiting in the wings. Could that replacement be a player that knows the game?  Could that player be Lou Magazzu?

Will Whelan resign?

June 25, 2013

Interesting article in the news today: Sexual assault investigation reveals freeholder director’s wife unregistered home daycare

Too many things are running through my mind…

  • The democrats insist on registering gun owners but will look the other way with unregistered day cares that allow children to be (allegedly) molested…
  • Bill Whelan is a high ranking official at a major bank but doesn’t understand basic state regulations…
  • Bob Balicki is ready at the helm to stab anyone in the back….

Now you see Lou’s law license, now you don’t

May 12, 2013

Is Lou Magazzu a practicing attorney, or is he not? I suppose that depends on the time of year.  September 24, 2012 – Lou Magazzu is on this list from the Supreme Court of New Jersey of attorneys ineligible to practice law.  Of course, we understand that Lou takes the word practice seriously, he still hasn’t gotten good at it.

A person in a professional occupation has certain expectation made of them. One is that they are diligent enough to renew their license to practice business in a timely manner. It seems that Lou is the ultimate procrastinator, failing to take care of such mundane issues as paying bills and legal memberships – and did I mention, his mortgage?- until such time as it becomes an issue.

If you are one of Lou’s unfortunate clients, take heart. On January 14, 2013, the Supreme court of New Jersey reports that Lou is reinstated.

On a side note, Jeff DiLazzero from the law firm of Kavanaugh and DiLazzero was also on the list of ineligible attorneys – he did not make it on the reinstatement list. Brendan Kavanaugh, from the firm, was appointed by Magazzu to a county position, had served as chair of the local Democratic Party, and had been one of Lou’s biggest apologists.

That’s all the news I have heard from my outpost in the Sonoran Desert. Cheers.