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Sorry to disappoint folks, but this page is removed. Mission Accomplished, I guess. It is a sad indictment on the American Public, and on people in general, that this is what brought down the king. Not the NACo scandal, not anything else that we covered in three years of existence.

The site remains, as will every original post and all comments. If you are that morbid, you can search the site for the original posts. But I would hope that you would rather go back to the beginning, and read the real story. The real story is not about a politician showing his nude bod to the world, but rather his stronghold over local politics and treatment of anyone, private citizen or otherwise, that would dare exercise their first amendment rights and criticize his actions.



113 Responses to Photo Gallery

  1. Dietz500 says:

    The moniker “Big Lou” no longer fits.

  2. Dietz500 says:

    Looks more like Pee Wee Magoo

  3. Robert T Armato Sr says:

    Anyone that dumb to put nude pic of yourself on the internet should not be one of our leaders he needs to go

  4. zaea says:

    What a pig! I hope his reputation is damaged permanently and sends him to the poor house. I saw his wiener when he was a child and it still looks the same.

  5. Marmistador says:

    Unreal…..this dude is a real NITWIT!! And he’s using a lawyer to try and get the pix removed? Wonder who’s paying for lawyer’s time?? Betcha his bill gets “buried” in some legal invoice that the County winds up paying….LOL!

  6. Former Democrat says:

    If Mr Magazzu didn’t want his naked body shown to the world on the web, why did he post all those pictures in the first place? He isn’t the first one this has happened to and i’m guessing he won’t be the last either. Guess I was hoping he was SMARTER THAN THIS!
    Goodbye Mr Magazzu, I think we have all seen enough of you to last us a lifetime.

  7. Jon says:

    I see another sex creep Josephy Cryan is a fellow fan and contributor

  8. Lissa the Tree Dodging Fool says:

    Lou is a douche. Only an idiot would have “sexly suggestive” naked pictures of theirselves posted to the worldwide web. He blackmailed himself, the twit! Can’t we get some politicians who aren’t complete boobs in office?

  9. Zack says:

    Don’t take the photos down! While horrendous to look at, he is no different from any other person who screws up and allows lewd photos of themselves to be disseminated. What a great role model for our children (who face jail time for things like this).

  10. Nancy says:

    This is just too comical for words!

  11. Dick Hertz says:

    Any pics of his wife!!!!!

  12. Dick Hertz says:

    Is his wife HOT!!!

  13. Good stuff I bet he resigns!

  14. mduberson says:

    What ever happened to the right to privacy? How much money did this whore get to go public? People have the right to do whatever they want sexually and it’s nobody’s business except theirs.

    Mr. Magazzu should have the right to sue the pig for violation of his privacy rights. And where are HER pictures? Let’s see what the bait looks like!

  15. Conster says:

    This is really low. You should be ashamed of resorting to this kind of tactic, but I doubt you know what shame feels like, since clearly you think any means are justified to accomplish your ends. I’m not defending him sending naked pics to a woman he didn’t know he could trust, as that was poor judgment, but it appears he thought he could trust her. Everything about this blog site is cowardly. I’m not from New Jersey, and honestly, Mr. Magazzu may be the good, the bad, or the ugly–you may have really valid reasons to despise him as a politician. But even if you do, you lowered the standard just a little bit lower for the whole country at a time when we could hardly sink lower in our discourse.

  16. rick says:

    Who is Lou trying to impress?Market research is needed so maybe Lou can make money at it.

  17. Barbara says:

    notice the liberal dems are crying that this site is “so wrong”… but had this been chris christie … OMG!

  18. Barbara says:

    here’s a news flash, there is no right to privacy when you send nude photos via phone or internet. This is the height of stupidity.

  19. kriss says:

    Ok, what was he thinking? Doesn’t he know that you NEVER EVER send pics like that over the net or cell phones. Somehow they always get posted somewhere. Dumb, dumb, dumb thing to do. Also what about the woamn that sent these pictures. What about her? I do not think she is miss innocent here. If she is woman enough to recieve these pics and then send them to someone else, she ought to be woman enough to step forward and say her name.

  20. Carol J says:

    I say Pray for this man tonight that he asks the Lord for forgiveness and seeks help for his lustful ways.

  21. Chuck Wagen says:

    no big thing!

  22. Dietz500 says:

    Carol J.–I think it is too late to ask for forgiveness. If the “Lord” really wanted to help him, he would have tapped Lou on the shoulder and said “Don’t send pictures of that little thing out on the web, everybody has free access to that stuff”

  23. Cran says:

    It looks like Lou decided to use a razor on himself at some point. The photo facing the bathroom rug – shows what appears to be a somewhat unkempt (aka hairy) member. While the semi-disguised full frontal shows his piece all cleanly shaven. Not a bad body Lou, nice low hangers too – maybe you can get a new career in porno?

  24. Porkie says:

    looks like a dinger, but smaller

  25. Jill Scott says:

    Why do older men like Weiner and Magazzu think women want to see their hairy, wrinkled naked bodies??? Do they think the women they send this too are going to be turned on or “keep quite?”

    Now, when Magazzu’s future granddaughter “googles” Gramps, she is going to see a dirty old man taking a full frontal nudity picture of himself in a bedroom. His full frontal nudity picture will be in cyberspace forever. Revolting by any standards.

  26. Troiann says:

    Really??? I think he is a FOOL for sending nude pics of his self.. But, Come on really, What does it really have to do with his office??? You opened a web page to disgrace someone?? Come on this is just a plea for attention for you or your woman?? Your a gifted artist! You really don’t need this behind your name… And don’t forget when you were neglecting your child support..You didn’t like when anyone on The daily Journal, put you on blast..How hurtful was that?? So who are you to do it to someone? Yes it’s all over the papers.. But, you really look like a frigging fool! Just really shocking that you have this much time on your hands, to hurt some family when you didn’t like it happening to you.. WRONG IS WRONG.. What about his wife?? Shanking my damn head at YOU!

  27. ladi goo goo says:

    So disgusting, so stupid, so shameful, what regard does a man who does this have for his family, it is criminal, we have enough dirty politicians in nj did we really need another one, say what you want if he posts it, he had no regard and I commend the author of these posts for being so vigilant of our corrupt politicians, just look at his business partners, The bar association needs to take away his ability to practice law, The thoughts of such a perv taking an oath and representing anyone is a far cry from what he actually does, No wonder his wife left him if i got the story right?

  28. Holla says:

    Where are the original uncensored photos?

  29. Thats Fucking disgusting!!!!!!!!!! Nobody wants to see your old ass balls hanging out!!! Your sick you pervert!!!!!!!!! You 20’s are long gone by the way. Get over it you old fart. Who ever told you that you look good naked they lied!!!

  30. JS says:

    Someday he’ll look back on this picture and wish he still looked like this. That’s sad too.

  31. lilly says:

    this page and owners are dirty a republican all the way,but you know what?alot of us are voting democrat.

  32. Bruce Duncan says:

    What was done to this guy was actually more disgusting that what he did. Think about it. This site paid a woman to then con Magazzu into thinking she liked him, then asked him to send these photos and then put them on the internet. And people only have a problem with him sending her the pictures?
    So let me ask all of you this: If someone was hired to get close to you, pretend to like you, then maybe tape record your conversations, or con you into something that makes you look bad so they can put it on the internet to try and ruin your life. Are you people actually saying there wouldn’t be anything wrong with it? If so, then you are a liar.

  33. Levi says:

    i still want to see it! lol does any one have the true pic?

  34. Ethel says:

    It’s really sad that you’re willing to use these pictures to destroy your enemy (and his family). Are you in fact the mystery “woman” that he sent the photos to? What goes around, comes around.

  35. JosefineAnne Gobreville says:

    Gracious! How do men this stupid rise to such heights of power? Did he think he looked good? Delusional!

  36. wayne says:

    two words… wahl razor

  37. guest says:

    Wonder what his kids think about the pictures of their dad?

  38. K Patch says:

    I am all for the privacy issue and his “rights” but it is a whole new ball game when it is on our dime. This man is elected and employed by us, the tax payers. We provide his car, cell phone, salary, expense account and you can bet your ass we paid for some of his extra cirricular activities. He did not just not wake up and start taking pictures of himself and sending them over the internet, this had to have been going on for a while. No one is that you” persona comes through loud and clear. I have damn bold!
    I say everyone gets what they deserve and this man is an ass. His superior attitude and “better than
    waited on this man many times and he doesn’t even have the courtesy to put his phone down to give you an order, he waves at you like a dog, and is pompous and rude about it. I have seen the look of mortification on his peers faces when he acted like this and felt for them. What a role model, what a leader. There are a lot of good people in that office, don’t let this curb your enthusiasm, learn from this asses mistakes!

  39. Carl says:

    Who really cares?

  40. charlie says:

    in the words of ann coulter…after reviewing then nude photos…this should be handled in the small claims court…lol

  41. Cecelia says:

    Wow!! I live in Virginia but am now considering a move to New Jersey. Heck, I might even go back to school and get my teaching certification so I can benefit from the hard work of the NJ teachers union, or maybe a CDL so I can become a trash truck driver, or maybe my paralegal degree so I can go work for one of the super busy law offices….the possibilites are endless

  42. Grossed Out says:

    Could definitely use some manscaping.

  43. whyman says:

    would have been better if hadn’t covered the good parts lol

  44. baba says:

    I’m concerned ! If people think Lou is horrible to look at I would make you go blind….. That being said, I am glad Lou did it. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

  45. Kate says:

    When someone is an elected official and a lawyer to boot, they deserve to be humiliated for being so stupid. Anyone sending naked pictures of themselves needs to volunteer to have a lobotomy, they are idiots and are dangerous to society. This is “public” education for you.

  46. American says:

    Arrest the pervert. Public indecency. Give him a record he deserves. Think of how this creep did his children. That kind of perversion enjoys humiliating select females and family. Did he dance around swinging nude in front of kids? Maybe that’s why wife left him. I hope she puts the truth about him and his treatment of children in divorce suit. Go get him, mom. Protect your children and show YOU have some “guts” to protect them from monsters. This is indication of demand for power over others, and would include power over children.

  47. Steve says:

    I know nothing about this mans politics but really people, what’s the big deal? Why are so many of you horrified at the idea of a mans sexuality? There is nothing perverted about the human form, nor it it’s sexual expression. These photos were sent to a woman who he obviously had an intimate relationship with. He didn’t distribute these pictures to underage children.
    As to those who made derogatory comments about his size, shame on YOU. What is it about YOUR anatomy that you require the girth of a baseball bat?
    I feel sorry for your male children who you must train to hate their bodies and shame them for their sexuality. Seems you prefer your men emasculated.
    If anyone should be ashamed it’s the woman who violated his trust and deceived him into thinking she cared about him, all the while planning his betrayal.
    That is the face of evil.

  48. Jordan says:

    Steve, you are right on the money. This was probably a dumb thing to do as a public figure, but I am absolutely befuddled at how anyone could argue, honestly and in good faith, that these pictures caused harm to anyone else. Most people here just seem to assume that private, consensual sexual interactions with a person who asked for these pictures are inherently wrong, and that the human body is a source of shame and pure evil.

    There is also some fairly vicious and violent rhetoric in the above posts. It saddens me that we live in a world where a picture of a human body is considered so much worse than statements of desire to cause physical harm to another. It is quite disappointing and disturbing.

  49. Tai says:

    Agree with you Steve, some people just have a knee jerk reaction thinking Naked Man = Pervert = Child molester, like “American” above who made up the whole “dancing naked” scene in his/her own mind (and probably is a turn-on for him/her.)

    That having said, it is very poor judgment indeed to email such pictures of yourself to someone you’ve never met. And apparently he doesn’t know that once a picture gets into cyberspace it will be copied over and over.

  50. Jack says:

    Another Politician who doesn’t understand the meaning of the words ‘World Wide Web’. He should pay back every dime he took in salary since he took that position. Time to clean house and place people in office who know how to run a business. One that makes money and not just borrows money and then borrows more money (like our federal officials and obama)

  51. thenewsjunkie says:


  52. thenewsjunkie says:

    ?????Wait a minute… so because you disagree with this guys politics, because you think he’s a bad law maker, because you think he doesn’t deserve to be in office, you believe the best way to get rid of him is by duping him into thinking he’s entering into some sort of relationship with a woman and then publicly exposing the nude photos he sent to her when he was clearly the victim of fraud and entrapment in this online relationship? And there was nothing illegal about the pictures that he took? Let’s not forget that half the men in America are doing this these days. I’ve got a better idea… how about trying to defeat him in election by pointing out his political shortcomings and how you think he has poorly represented his constituents? This is pathetic. Wow… he has a penis… Oooooh, he shouldn’t be in office. (yes, that was sarcasm)

  53. Josie says:

    Hey idiots….he didn’t put it on the Internet! It was sent privately. Hey Lou, there are millions of people that “play”, sending risque photos to one another. NO BIG DEAL!

  54. jack turner says:

    The guy who created this website and posted these pictures for political purposes is the lowest form of life on this planet. Who cares about some guy’s junk? Using it to destroy his life: that’s depraved.

  55. Elena says:

    Posting someone’s private photos, which were legal and PRIVATE, is such a childish way to bring down a man’s life and career. He’s not married, he didn’t publically put them on the internet. Was there really no other way to beat this man than by pubically humiliating him? Yes, I get that no one wants to see their elected official in this light, but then why are his enemies posting it to the public? The only thing he dd wrong here was trust a woman to keep this between the two of them. As a young woman who has been in a long distance relationship, I completely understand why these photos were taken. As I said, he didnt do anything wrong, didn’t break any laws. The people we should be mad at are those wasting our time and tax dollars to create blogs that “expose” these officials. Why don’t you try fixing our economy an stop looking at pornography?

  56. mumbles says:

    apologists (sp?) are coming out of the woodwork. Probably a few of the people who think they got their job by supporting Lou. They must be somewhat concerned right about now.

  57. dionx says:

    You are a sick f**k you rightwing nut.

  58. Josie says:

    Mumbles….keep mumbling away.

    The loser woman who used Lou is flat out evil! What goes around comes around.

    The man has a right to his private life regardless of what he’s elected to do! Hey Lou…hang in there!

  59. Josie says:

    HEY…isn’t it about time you took these photos down off this site? You have proceeded to embarrass a man with five children who sent these in private. GET THEM OFF THIS SITE!
    You’re sick to do this to someone!

  60. sodomised by Lou says:

    ask Lou if the screwing he is about to receive is as good as the one he gave to the AC Jitneymen
    Dirt with legs

  61. Lake Blake says:

    Ha.Ha,Ha!!!who does he think he is, Fabio .Another two faced politician who thinks he’s too cute. I’m glad his true self has come out. A total pig and a loser politician. Great example for your 5 kids. Way to go ya fool!!

  62. Gingyt Israel says:

    It’s sad that people in this country have sunk so low morally that this is what they consider entertainment.

    It is also sad that any supposedly intelligent politician would consider this behavior acceptable given the risk factor.

    Yes, anyone has the right to privacy. Mr. Magazzu is no exception.

    However, the bar is higher for those we put our trust in when we elect them and the expectations of discretion are even higher.

    To me, the worst culprit even worse than the woman who may be guilty of entrapment, is the person who posted these photos for personal gain (vendetta).

  63. Laura says:

    I can’t get over how many people (and not just here) are are saying that these photos are private and that Carl did something wrong by exposing/posting them. First, he sent the photos to someone else, thereby giving her the sole ownership of them, which she can now send or keep or burn etc as she sees fit, therefore not so much private. Second, Carl didn’t do anything wrong by posting these and exposing this guy for what he has done wrong, he tried to send them to the proper news outlets who told him that it wasn’t newsworthy, yet yesterday it was suddenly news! He is just putting this information out there for the public to know what kind of person was running our County. Yes people are 100% right he is an adult and apparently so was she but this isn’t something that has happened just since he became separated from his wife, he has been communicating with her for years and having a cyberaffair while he was still married. if he was worried about his wife and children he should have never began a relationship with this woman in the first place. And last but not least, why would anyone set this guy up and wait YEARS to start sending the pictures, emails, texts etc? That makes no sense at all. The fact remains that what he did was wrong in more than just one way and people need to open thier eyes and realize that.

  64. Jim says:

    Hey….Lou is kind of hot. Can you remove the weiner so that we can see how hung he is? Hahaha.

  65. Mike says:

    this kind of”watchgrouping” makes me sick
    if you oppose his politics then work on that, but going after this mans private life issues show what a lowlife both you and this woman are !!!
    and since you have published this you should be warned:
    Karma is a Bitch
    which means you should really keep your clothes on 24/7 for the rest of your days so there no chance of your pics showing up on yeah n keep up on your child support, I hear it’s good for the soul !!

    to everyone else judging this man and writing please read the following:
    Ok since:
    A)he is over 21
    B)Since he is single
    C)He obviously not doing this hanging out of a window exposing himself to the world, cut the man some slack!!
    he is not married to anyone at the time and he thought he was in a private E-lationship and sent pics of himself to someone he thought was trustworthy, (Who I bet initiated the relationship to begin with)!
    @ Elana, Steve, & Bruce Thank you for validating my thoughts

    @ Barbara, you have burned a image of sickness in my mind when you mentioned “notice the liberal dems are crying that this site is “so wrong”… but had this been chris christie … OMG!”
    All I can see is him naked with a fried chickenleg in hand and his arm around a bucket of chicken….eeeeuuuwwwww

    to Lou, keep your head up, and be aware you are the victim here
    I only hope I look that good when Im 53

  66. Randy says:

    Dangg..Lou Magazzu..those nuts are are huge…..mmmmmm…. Cumberland County Freeholder is packing….send the XXX version.. lol

  67. John Rizzio says:

    Put him on the bench with Anthony Weiner, OK! who’s next?

  68. Byelou says:

    Take down the pictures. It’s the right thing to do, and frankly, I’m sick of looking at them.

  69. mumbles says:

    Mike says

    “if you oppose his politics then work on that, but going after this mans private life issues show what a lowlife both you and this woman are !!!
    and since you have published this you should be warned:
    Karma is a Bitch”

    How funny is that? Wasn’t this payback for Lou going after Carls private life issues with the help of other big guys? I mean really? If Lou didn’t try to destroy Carls family (and Carl) none of this would have happened.

    My, My, My, I guess karma really is a demanding Bitch.

  70. Josie says:

    I agree with Byelou….take them down.

    You’ve done your damage and gotten your jolly’s by hurting this man.

    TAKE THEM DOWN and make sure there are no camera’s in your bathroom. Karma is a good thing!

  71. mike weist sr. says:

    People are missing the point. I couldnt care less what Lou does, if he is not an elected official. But he is and just like President Clinton he has opened up himself to be exploited. This is a very dangerous thing to do when you are an elected official. When these men do not protect themselves against this sort of exposure, it makes them vulnerable to all kinds of corruption and blackmail. Think of the personal gains that could be had by the owners of damaging evidence to any man in power. If he were a military officer we would be relieved of duty immediately. Not because what he did was so bad, but because of the damage that it could cause if it was used to extort him. The lady could have sold the pictures to a corrupt business that needed Lou’s vote. Then we the taxpayers are the victims. Politicians need to be smarter to protect all of us. DUMB DUMB LOU

  72. Josie says:

    What makes you think this “lady” wasn’t paid? She certainly did it for some monetary gain. Personally, I don’t think she’s a “lady” at all. I think she’s a sick bitch.

  73. Byelou says:

    …and Lou is a________?????

  74. Byelou says:

    Everyone, including poor little Lou, has a right to their private life.
    When they run for public office, they give up a big part of that.
    When they share their private parts, that’s stepping into major stupid Doo Doo, and they suffer the consequences, drag their family into that DooDoo, and ruin their reputations.

  75. Mr Whipple says:

    Byelou says:
    “When they run for public office, they give up a big part of that.”

    Which is why we have the politicians that we have. Who in their right mind would want to subject their personal lives to this type of public scrutiny? Certainly, not I. So, we get stuck with a bunch of douchebags or very good liars. Makes you proud to part of a “democracy”, doesn’t it?

  76. an1search says:

    Exactly what law did he break?

  77. Steve says:

    Ok folks… more than likely there is NO WOMAN… More than likely “CARL” was the “woman”. i really can’t see a woman taking “years” to entrap someone into taking and sending nude photos of themselves, even if “she” was paid… How much could she have gotten paid to spend “years” delveloping an online relationship with the express purpose to deceive and entrap someone? How much was “Carl” willing to pay some “woman” to spend years of her life in an “on-going” relationship built on LIES and DECEIT to entrap some poor soul?? No… I say “Carl” is/was the woman in question…. Secondly, for all you HYPOCRITS who have a problem with a man showing his naked body to others, either privately or publicly, on the Internet (and I’m speaking now to the men who have commented on here and no doubt some women also), I can bet dollar to donuts that if it was a woman’s nake bady that was shown, you wouldn’t have a problem with it at all. In fact, I’m also postive that most folks who have commented here spend some time on the internet watching some kind or porn, be it soft or hardcore porn, and maybe even have their own id’s on sexually suggestive CHAT WEBSITES where they are chatting to women who broadcast their LIVE WEBCAMS for the purpose of being viewed by men and women while she masterbates and plays with herself…. Get off your high horses people… You’re all a bunch of hypocrits and care nothing about the fact that he sent nude photos… you probably dont really even care about the political side of it either… You’re just SHEEPLE… Posting comments here for the sake of saying something… Oh.. and by the way… a man’s “size” or the size of a woman’s breasts, is NOT something that anyone had control over when they were created… Men are of all different sizes and they have no say in the matter…. nor do women, with their breasts… UNLESS women PAY to have their breasts enlarged.. otherwise, we are all born with what we were born with….. AGAIN…. HYPOCRITS… MORONS and ASSES !!!!

  78. Fupa says:

    Lets not forget Magazzu’s buddy Warden Robert Balicki at the county Jail. Another political hopeful who loves to enforce rules on the Officers at the jail that he himself does not follow. Such as the state wide law of cell phones being not permitted in the secure areas of the jail. Yet Robert Balicki flaunts his cell phone walking around the jail and letting Inmates use it.

  79. Fupa says:

    As far as Lou, I would bet any amount of money this is just the tip of the Ice Burg. There will be a few “baby moma’s” coming out of the woodwork soon.

  80. Yoo says:

    POOR Louis MaGAZZU !!
    I read the news from Aisa, and visit here.
    I hope this case be solved well.

  81. Cran says:

    Lou’s actually a good looking guy. He’s got a handsome face, a nice beefy body, a big set of shaven balls and I would guess a beer can of a cock behind that unfortunate disguise. C’mon…C’mon…I wanna see IT ALL!

  82. mduberson says:

    So good to see Steve and Jordan and so many others showing that some americans have some sense. “American woman, get away from me – The Who. What did Lou do wrong? If it is OK to send a picture of your face to somebody why is it wrong to send a picture of your pride? Unless, of course, you are all doped up on Jesus, Moses or Allah, in which case there is no hope for you.

  83. Patrick says:

    Lou should NOT have resigned – the scumbag and whore who tricked him into this should be the ones being ridiculed and jailed – a true disgrace when liars and cheats are deemed appropriate.

    Lou was sending pictures to a woman he thought he was having a PRIVATE relationship with – he wasn’t doing it in public not was he in anyway cheating on anyone – he was – IS – single and separated from his wife for 2 years and going for divorce.

    I think he should sue and then get reinstated and continue to do the job he did so well.

  84. Paul says:

    Why did you build a site to stalk this guy and why did he resign? He didn’t do anything illegal, he’s not married….poor judgement sure but that just makes hiim a big, dumb male looking for chicks. Big deal. Lighten up everyone…

  85. TC says:

    don’t want your ‘junk’ out there for ALL to see, don’t take the picture and send it to ANYONE – even your spouse. and WOW – (D)s get their jammies all bundled up don’t they? when their ‘heroes’ get spanked for their actions boo hoo

    and for those that SAY it’s not illegal.. well, yes.. actually, when your a public official you are NOT allowed to do certain things. AND this fudge nut WAS actively married when he started the affair – don’t ya’ll know how to read? can you not comprehend dates?

  86. suck me off says:

    Can I see the underwear of your presidential candidate on here?

  87. Bill Clinton: “Repeat after me, ‘I did NOT have sexting relations with that woman’ ”

    Lou Magazzu: “I did NOT have sexting relations with that woman.”


  88. DEAN says:

    America is going to have to GET USED TO IT.


  89. fms says:

    He’s nude, its illegal to send nude pictures over the internet to minors. Since we don’t know if the male of female is over 18, we must suspect the worst considering this is an alleged politician. The next person he speaks with will say the following: Mr. Magazzu, I’m Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC News. We are doing a story on scumbag politicians who like to screw their constituents and send nude pictures of themselves to whoever. The judge will see you after the police are finished with you. Have a nice day.

  90. Justin Time says:

    The pictures are all over the internet already. That ship already left port some time ago.

  91. baba says:

    Re: taking down the pics,

    good move. good for you. take the high road.

  92. BigJohninNJ says:

    To me the thing that bothers me each time this happens is not the fact that they took nude pictures but rather they showed such poor judgement in sending them. Its that poor judgement that should be remembered.

    The poor judgement is what drives people out of office. Yes you tried many other ways to show what a clown he is. None worked until you found the universal one.

  93. WuLi says:

    Big John – I agree with you 100% Poor judgment in this matter is indicative of poor judgment in other matters of import.

  94. Richard says:

    Carl, you have a good thing going with your blog. Good for the People and politicks in general. We need something like this in Essex County. Essex has 2 or 3 dozen politicians that need to be exposed, starting with the county excutive.

  95. Kathy says:

    Exposing these dirty old men is one issue; but I especially liked that Carl mentioned in earlier blogs about nothing being done about inflated social programs and lack of accountability for same. We need to weed out the abuse and fraud so they can NO LONGER steal our tax $; and so those who rightfully deserve it can receive it (or more of it). There are people who need help but not all those who receive it need it.

  96. tuv2000 says:

    It doesn’t matter if the pictures were taken down, Just do a Google search (Lou -I LOVE MY BODY- Magazzu) and they are all over the place.

    karma’s a bitch …. Couldn’t have happen to a better person…

  97. Nunya says:

    You are a very sad person indeed!

  98. Josie says:

    Glad the photos are down. Now, let’s get rid of this site. A lot of haters posting. Peeps…go look in the mirror and tell yourself how perfect you are and you’ve never fcked up. Didn’t think so.

  99. joe says:

    Six job trainers under federal funding were layoff by freeholders in Oct 2010. No one has been layed off in the CCOET at Vineland One Stop in twenty years. We are the worst in employment rate in the nations and 13 percent unemployment. This was an intent to get rid of civil service union employees to save 300k dollars that was not really missing from the budget. So I could say Lou or no Lou all the officials that vote against working men and women are caught with their pants down.
    I never hear about a thing about creating jobs for the County. I never see one effort to put people back to work.

  100. bill says:

    Does anyone have the full nudes? Not the one’s that are censored? Link me with a download or something?

  101. Josie says:

    Why would you want the photos? Getting your jollies pervert?

  102. Marty says:

    Email me the pics. I still want to see it! I love daddies!

  103. MIKE3064 says:

    me too !!!

  104. WuLi says:

    @Marty and mike – you are sick f****s, and NO, I am NOT emailing anyone anything.

    It is a sad commentary that, with all of the corruption and political back-room machinations that we have exposed on this site, the only thing some, no – the majority of – people care about are the sexual peccadilloes of a politician.

    I sort of regret making those photos public. What people SHOULD be concerned about is the culture of fear that permeates public employment in Cumberland County – the reports I have had of deaths threats made against people that merely spoke out – people that were fired for filing EEOC complaints – intimidation – blatant time clock fraud – people earning $75,000 a year purchasing condos in Ocean City for a half a million…

    Marty and mike – YOU are what is wrong with this country. It is because of people like you that people Like Lou Magazzu got away with ripping off the taxpayers for as long as he did.

  105. NMHJMNK says:

    “It is a sad indictment on the American Public, and on people in general”

    You’re not seriously going to claim a moral high road on this, are you? You make it your crusade to bring down a politician by tactics that are at best unethical and at worst illegal and immoral, and then proclaim America is to blame? Really?

    I’m not sure if you’re delusional or just a hypocrite, but my guess would merely be “sick”.

  106. Carl good luck on your next endeavors.

  107. baba says:

    Maybe a photo would remind people what they are voting for.

  108. jason hates says:

    I wish people would get off their high horses and leave the poor horny man alone. He is single and obviously horny. He was just trying to get his leg over. What is the big deal? He did not post the pics publically. He did not pull it out and wave an erection around a playground or at work. People post their genitals online every single day of every single year. Pornography is as old as every other form of art. People like to look at pee pees and va j j’s end of story. Get over the prudery. He is actually pretty smoking for an older guy. I still very surprised that the uncensored photos can’t be found online at all. I am curious as I like to look at pee pees too 🙂 Anyone have the uncensored photos? The hotdog is not doing it for me :)~

  109. Guess-Who says:

    There are some sick comments in this Thread 😦

    Anyone remember this vintage package,

  110. Privacy says:

    @jason hates

    I totally agree. It’s funny how people are saying that “you shouldn’t have posted them online” he didn’t it was sent to someone in a private email. This is the equivalent of someone sending a letter with a picture through the post office and finding out that someone stole it, and is making copies. When your alone you do dumb things, and he wasn’t married at the time, so it’s not like he was cheating on his wife. This isn’t an issue of parties, but of privacy. He, as an American citizen, has the right to pursue what makes him happy. If send your naked pictures to someone makes you happy great. However, resigning for that is just stupid. By doing that you are basically saying that what you did in your privacy was wrong, and that you should be condemned for it. What happened was between to consenting adults. With the internet as our cloak we can all claim moral high ground, but I bet there are some of you who have done stupid things because of your need for sex.

    Would I like to see the picture? yes, it would be like telling someone about a fire, but only showing them pictures of smoke.

  111. Martin says:

    Anyone have uncensored images of Magazzu? I cant find them anywhere. Oh and I dont think he should have resigned. I’ve been at companies where the Sr. VP accidentaly sent me and a coworker a pic of him sitting at his desk, dick in hand. Apparently he hit reply to the wrong message. Shocking? Yes, but nothing worth resigning over. He ran a great company and every once in a while someone would refer to him as the “Big” boss. I now own my own company and that former “Big” boss is someone I turn to for advise. I have policies in place regarding such things, but unless the images sent out are illegal, I wouldn’t terminate or ask for a resignation. People are human and accidents happen. Should it be a repeated offense or harassing then termination would be in order.

  112. Julie says:

    This is probably the best news I’ve heard for Lou Magazzu in three years. You were a sick pervert. How long did you expected to last. It’s old, old, old news. Let the man live his life. I guess you live in a glass or crystal house. So long loser

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