Here is a special section of the questions our forum members want Lou to answer. This section is ONLY for questions (take note tryagain/Lou).

Please post one question per comment. Any comment that is not a question, or not a specific answer FROM Lou Magazzu will be deleted. I imagine I will be busy, as Lou/tryagain has proven that he will not abide by the simplest of rules on this forum.

Have fun, keep the questions simple.


17 Responses to Questions

  1. Let me begin.

    Lou, who signed the $10,000 check for your personal loan that came out of the CCDO campaign treasury?

  2. Guess-Who says:

    Who Is Travis Horne & Why did he RECEIVE $210.00 on 11-19-07 from Lou Magazzu’s NACo Fund?

  3. Who is Rabbi Mordechai Neustadt of Brooklyn, and why did he give $5,000 to Lou’ NACo campaign?

  4. Guess-Who says:

    SMG Design and Consulting RECEIVED $5,100.00 on 09-04-09 for WHAT & the type of Services they Rendered for your NACo campaign, Lou?

  5. Guess-Who says:

    Lou what are the Freeholders considering doing about the County Heath Dept & the City of Vineland’s Health Dept to ENSURE Vineland is RECEIVING all the Money they are ENTITLED to,The Funds that comes in the Form of GRANTS to the County from/through the State of NJ & The Federal Govt.?

    Is or has City of Vineland Health Dept been RECEIVING every single dollar from County they are ENTITLED to Receive?

  6. Byelou says:

    Where, precisely, is the NACo money that was paid to you by your many contributors, how much is there, and how much has been spent, and for what?

  7. Locutus of Borg says:

    How will Lou repay Sweeney when the Nelson twins lose due to his lack of support for them?

  8. Guess-Who says:

    Lou, How does IT feel to have some Hard Questions Ask/Directed towards you during this Campaign for Freeholder?

    Why NOT tell the Public the TRUTH about Issues the PUBLIC is Concerned with?

    Unemployment 13+% & Rising Daily

    Highest Teen Pregnancy in NJ & almost the Highest in the Nation.

    There are other Issues that must be Addressed & the Citizens of Cumberland County,NJ expect More out of Individuals Who Represent them as a Public Servant!

  9. meagain says:

    Guess the Republicans will NEVER answer the questions surrounding their County Republican Chairman Greco? What are they hiding?

  10. god help us says:

    I was just told the the Sheriff hired the Vineland Police Sgt. With county emp. being layed off this is a kick in the you know what.

  11. zuzu says:

    I knew he was slime early on as he was tight with that other slime ball Chris Riley (former Millville attorney & crook who is now a truck driver in Maryland)

  12. hunhgna says:


  13. hunhgna says:

    if u gots the balls to take yo pics, then show it all. aints no be hiding yo dongo

  14. Levi says:

    i want to see the full monty. I know that sounds nuts, but…let me see. former supporter

  15. Robb Glenn says:

    This post from Robb Glenn on August 4th is NOT my post. It is a computer hacking. Please remove it.

  16. Robb Glenn says:

    The above post from Robb Glenn on August 4th is NOT my post. It is a computer hacking. It is NOT my comment. Please REMOVE it immediately.

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