Magazzu uses veterans for political fodder

Lou Magazzu has not done one thing for veterans during his tenure. But he is now using veterans as a campaign issue. Hopefully the veterans that faithfully served our country will see through this ruse.

At issue is whether to use county money to build a religious chapel at the veterans cemetery. In a letter to the editor today, argument was made praising this spending of taxpayers’ money to build a chapel.

I was so glad to see that Cumberland County Freeholder Director Louis Magazzu, Freeholder Nelson Thompson and other freeholders stood up against a heavy opposition and said that we need to build the chapel for our people and we need to spend the money.

What the writer failed to disclose is that the son-in-law of Ed Salmon will profit at taxpayers expense by getting the contract to build this religious building. If you follow Magazzu Watch closely, you will recall that Salmon Ventures Limited is one of the contributors of undeclared gifts to Lou’s NACo slush fund.

In fact, Salmon Ventures Limited has been a faithful supporter of the Cumberland County Democratic Party.

The writer also failed to disclose the amount of money bonded for this church, %$1,000,000. That means the taxpayers will be responsible to repay $1,380,000 for this project which reeks of graft, nepotism and cronyism.


12 Responses to Magazzu uses veterans for political fodder

  1. DUMP the Maggot says:

    If there isn’t something in it for Lou, he won’t support it. Back room dirty politics – Lou style

  2. SalarySam says:

    If we’re going to spend a million dollars on veterans I would prefer to see it spent on helping living veterans. Health care, housing, counseling, education. Lots of ways to waste a million dollars.

    Should a government even be building a chapel?

  3. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Yes government should build a chapel, but ONLY if it ends up with a nice taxpayer “contribution” to anyone who helped Magazzu in his failed NACo run. Salmon will get some of his money back – AGAIN

  4. Is it really what we need a Chaple? If so why don’t the Freeholder Board and all the Veterns groups get together first and see if the veterans groups want it.If they do, then lets get all the UNIONS to voulenteer there labor.It should be one hand washes the other.But this is Cumberland Count N.J.can the Freeholder Board get voulenteers to do there civic duty.I know one boad member who said last year she knows what voulenteerism is all about.Lets see her get the Chapel built for free.Lets see if the unions know where Cumberland County N.J. is.There money knows how to get here but do they.

  5. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Interesting how t1 fails to respond to issues where his ethics and payoffs are called into question – reminds me of a certain soon to be ex-freeholder – king lou

  6. vineland voter says:

    ask lou who’s son-in-law made 100’s thousands of dollars on his beloved NJMSP project. remember said son-in-law gets an average 5 – 7% of construction costs for his time. a million dollar chapel, must be nice to be handed jobs you don’t have to work for.

  7. biggassbass says:

    Speaking of the NJMSP, Lou take full credit for building it and yet TrackRacket does not DARE challenge Lou. I suspect thay do not want to face the wrath of the KING LOU. NOPe they rather pick on Nelson Thompson instead

  8. tryagain1 says:

    Vineland Voter why don’t you tell us whose son inlaw made so much money off NJMP? Because you are CLUELESS!! Much like the rest of the lies written in this CRAP website! Just a purely partisan political website that spouts out rumors, innuendos, half truths, and justplain out LIES! As for Mr. Dumbgotta, YES Cumberland should have a chapel honoring the fine men and women who have served our Country. It is the least we can do to honor their service!! Plus the fact is it is more than just a chapel but an office where OUR veterans can go for needed services by PJ Paten. Shame on you Alex for disrespecting veterans!! Of course you are the same one that questioned Gary Simmerman’s fine and outstanding service to our County. Just what have you contributed to make the County a better place other than attack every Democrat on your VERY VERY partisan Rush Limbaugh type radio show? You are so Republican that anything you say can be discounted as partisan politics! How pathetic, you know “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

  9. tryagain1 says:

    The veterans of our County deserve every bit of this office/chapel!! It is the very least we can do to honor their service!! Congatulations to the Freeholders for this idea and the courage to move it forward!!

  10. gorgon says:

    ‘Plus the fact is it is more than just a chapel but an office where OUR veterans can go for needed services by PJ Paten.” ???


  11. There you go again non veteran (twisting the subject around)Inever said we should’t you know how to take it out of contexts that’s what you do best.WHERE ARE THE VOULENTEERS not a MILLION DOLLARS OF TAX PAYERS MONEY Did they go to the Veterians organations to get there take on this project.Can you get VOULENTEERS?Why aren’t the UNIONS stepping up to the plate.

  12. DUMP the Maggot says:

    Lou would have us believe that this chapel is for the veterans – WRONG – the real purpose of building a chapel is to repay contributors to his failed NACo bid. He can’t repay out of his pocket, because he can’t get or hold a job, so he dips into OUR pockets and gets US to pay so that his debt is covered and he gets the thanks of veterans. The veterans deserve better and they see through your BS Lou.

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