Tonetta asks what Freeholders have done about released prisoners

This email was found in our inbox:

I have written in the past regarding my concern for the fact that prisoners released from  the 5 jails in Cumberland county are released onto our streets rather than sent back to the County that sentenced them.

What needs to be addressed is the substantial burden that the rest of New Jersey places on Cumberland County first by housing their criminals, including sex offenders, in Cumberland County Prisons and then having them dumped here after they are released.  This burden includes:

1. The cost of fighting crime. The Cumberland County municipal police departments must increase their patrols and manpower to keep the potential for criminal activity in check. They need continuous training to understand and recognize increased gang activity and curtail their growth. This falls on the taxpayers to support the fight against crime.

2. The cost of social services. It is a fact that the demand on our social services has increased. A large percentage of the cost is borne by the County. The unemployment rolls for Cumberland County are the highest in the state. For the most part, the released criminals are either unemployable or do not want to work. Many of their family members are also unemployed or unemployable.  Their presence increase the welfare rolls yearly.  It is a fact that many prisoners and released prisoners do not have the ability to pay child support and therefore we, the taxpayers of Cumberland County, are paying for the costs to raise the children of these prisoners and ex-prisoners from all over the State.

3. The strain on our neighborhoods. Many of the families of the prisoners decide to move to Cumberland County to be close by in order to visit. I understand that they are free to move wherever they choose, but the fact remains that they come here to be closer with their incarcerated relatives. These families often cannot afford housing and take advantage of the low income residences and funding available in our County. Many of our own less fortunate County residents then find it difficult to obtain housing. We need to face the fact that many of the residents of the County with high paying jobs are moving out and are being replaced with low and no income families. Our neighborhoods are changing for the worse.

4. Burden on our School Systems. As the families of the prisoners move here, or the ex-prisoners start their own families, their children are placed in our school system as an additional burden to our taxpayers. Often these children have had a disadvantaged upbringing and our schools and teachers are forced to take the role of caregiver. Speak to any teacher in the more urban areas of our County and they will tell you that many of the problem children have a parent who is or was incarcerated.

There are many other negative impacts brought on by the release of prisoners onto our streets as you can imagine. It is not the fact that prisons are here that is the problem. The prisons do bring good professional jobs and employment. The problem is the fact that these convicts are not taken back to the county that sent them here and that our 7-0 Democratic county Freeholder Board has totally failed to address the situation. Maybe they don’t want to upset their North Jersey Democrat friends or they just don’t see the problem exists

A few months ago, I attended a Freeholder meeting with my running mates Sam Fiocchi and Tom Sheppard. The Freeholders, Sheriff and Surrogate were passing out awards to approximately 20 school children involved in a contest. The children were asked to prepare a poster of what Cumberland County meant to them. The child who won “The Most Intriguing” category presented a poster with a black background and a large building in the middle. Atop of the building was printed “JAIL.” This was what Cumberland County meant to this child. I was not “Intrigued.”  I was disturbed. Out of the mouths of babes . . .    We need to say NO to the 7-0 Democrat Freeholder Board and elect freeholders who are not afraid to make their voices heard in Trenton.  That means voting for Tonetta, Sheppard and Fiochhi.
Rick Tonetta
Republican Candidate
Cumberland County Freeholder


30 Responses to Tonetta asks what Freeholders have done about released prisoners

  1. biggassbass says:

    I agree with the sentiments but I will decide on my own who I will vote for. It aint gonna be Lou and his running Minions.

  2. Ricky:

    One what do you base your findings? Is there any evidence that the three state prisons and one federal prison are contributing to crime in Cumberland County.

    Nor to you seem to understand that the state Department of Corrections is the largest employer in CC.

    Is there any data to show that criminals stay in CC after relase from prison or that their familes come to live in the county during the incarceration of their family members?

    And if the prisons are the cause of gang activity in CC. why do counties with no prisons have gang problems as bad, if not worse, that CC?

    I ffollow your logic. But in four months of research, I could find no solid evidence thatthe four prisons contributed to crime or that the families of inmates streed social services. maybe you shold recommenda study, but you can’t tell someone where they can life after they’re released from prison.

    In fact, the only evidence I found is that the state DOC requires a very small number of inmates to stay in Cumberland County until their parole is filed and they are allowed to go back home. Evidence showed that 100 percent of the inmates did go home.

    What inamtes that do stay in CC came from here in the first plac The DOc tries to place inmates as close to home as possible, meanng those sentenced toprison in CC Superior Court usually end up in one of the county’s three state prison.

    but hey, if you can come up with a cure for crime and crimnal behavior and help those young children who come from homes where a parent is in prison, please do. But I don’t see it in your plan because you don’t understand he nderlying causes of why we have gang activity in CC.

    Nor do you understand the jobs theprisons have brought to Cc and the opportunties those jobs have given to people who otherwise would be looking for the few jobs in industry in the county.
    talk to the Corrections Officers unions. They want the prisons in CC. It’s kind of a catch-22. We want jobs and don’t want criminals roaming the streets, so we build prisons where criminals stay behind bars and corrections officers get relatively high paying jobs. But people don’t like having prisons in their backyards and if the crime rate drops, which should be a good thing, the prison jobs go away.

    Not long ago, residents of maurice Twp. protested the possible closing of part of Southern State Cor. Fac. because of a drop in the number of inmates statewide.

    that’s what happens when you makes prisons and industry. And I don’t think you or anyone else in CC has the answer to that one.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    Have u ever L{.}{.}Ked into some of the Studies that have Been Done On Individuals (Prison Guards) who have WORKED in the System (Correctional) for a Period of Time.

    If you haven’t taken the Time to do So then I Suggest u get Busy on the Facts about Prisons & the Effects they have on the Workers & their Families that Work at these Facilities.

    Some of the Findings are NOT what one would Call the BEST for the Community as a WHOLE.

    Do you Know what the Percentage,that is % is of Correctional Personal that End up Serving Time Behind Bars or the Same Walls they once Worked?

    The Statistic is going to Floor you if you are NOT Familiar with this Information that is Available!

    Whom Ever Thought of Using this Argument or Debate has MISTAKEN Themselves!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  4. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    Look on the bright side; when louser magazzu goes to prison over his illegal actions, if they send him to a prison in another county, maybe he will stay there once released…say in 5 to 7 years.

  5. tryagain says:

    WOW!!!! Real slam on ALL Corrections officers because of a very small minority that go bad!! You should be ashamed and apologize to the Corrections families throughout Cumberland County. This type of attitude and shooting from the hip is EXACTLY why the voters of Cumberland County will overwhelmingly REJECT the rantings of this website and of the Republican Freeholder candidates and RE-ELECT Team MAGAZZU!!!!!! You trash entire groups of people and expect them to support you. The Republicans, Sheppard, Tonetta, and Fiocchi have embarassed themselves yet again with their baseless accusations and this CRAP SITE has thrown fuel on the fire!! Thanks! Sure each and every Corrections family in the County will remember the Republicans and this website when they vote and cast thei votes ENTIRELY for Magazzu and his running mates. Go Magazzu, Sjogren, and Thompson!! Fighting for Cumberland County residents not trashing them like the other guys!!

  6. Guess-Who says:

    L{.}{.}K at the FACTS they are the ones you should be Addressing!
    My Post is NOT Intended nor is IT Directed at any one in Particular. It is Simply based on the Studies that have been Done & FACTS they REPRESENT.
    Try & Spin IT all you want tryagain, It is a Weak Debate on ur behalf.
    Do you know the PERCENTAGE?

    To the Families of Cumberland County Correctional Workers;
    The Comments in my Previous post were not Directed towards u in any Way,Honestly.

    This is just another Attempt by the Freeholder Incumbents to Spin their way Out of Dealing with the FACTS!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  7. Can any one give me a reason why anyone in there right mind should beleive Knothead aka tryagain.All he dose is put a spin on important issuses.He likes to bash my comments but I stick to the issues and not afraid to put my name to what I have to say.So who is the real looser.I guess it’s time to say we need a real change on the freeholder board.People who care about the hard working people of Cumberland County.Not people who only care about the best fore the Democratic party.We need people who care about all people of Cumberland County and who is that.Tom Sheppard Rick Tonetta and Sam Fiocchi.Do we really need a change in the Clerks office? I don’t think so we need Gloia Noto If we need a change why.Because Tryagain calls her greedy.That is a bunch of you know what.We do not need all one party system in Cumberland County.

  8. tryagain says:

    Almost funny that Guess Who is now TRYING to apologize to ALL the Correctional FAMILIES that work and live in Cumberland County. After saying most of them belong on the other side of the bars he/she is now back peddling!!! I’m sure only a very very small percentage of Corrections officers get in trouble. probably no more than any other occupation but certainly not the characterization Guess Who and those responsible for this CRAP website would have you believe. The VAST majority of Corrections Officers are HARD working people who do a GREAT job and go largely unappreciated by the general public. Certainly seem to be un appreciated by those Reubplicans running for elected office and their supporters!!! Shame on you Guess Who. BUT you can’t close the doors after the horse as left the barn. You and your Republican buddies have shown YOUR TRUE colors and how little you think of our Corrections officers and their families!! As for the former radio host Dragotta he wouldn’t know a REAL issue if it bit him in the butt! He’s just another DIE HARD Republican!! Ms. Noto has made soooo many mistakes in that office that it would take a calculator to total her errors up!!! Good Bye to Greedy Gloria and hello to the young, energetic, forward thinking Lauren Van Embden!!! Plus we all save over $30,000.00 a year with Van Embden!! Good riddance Gloria!!

  9. Rev. Higgs Boson says:

    How do we save any money when magazzu keeps inventing more jobs for cronies? If we have been saving sooo much money, why is county spending through the roof?

    Save $30,000.00 in the Clerk’s office, pay a crony up to $100,000.00 a tear plus benefits to make copies.

    Again I ask: where do the independents and republicans stand on this issue? Will they eliminate this useless position, or simply give the job to their own crony?

  10. Guess-Who says:

    Spin It any way u Want.
    Your ASSUMPTIONS are so Far from the TRUTH on this it is PATHETIC.
    L{.}{.}K into the National Studies that have been Done & what the PERCENTAGE Really Is.

    This Website (Magazzuwatch) Offers the users a Place to Voice their Opinions,Stories & Facts on Issues Concerning Cumberland County NJ.

    Just because someone Decides to Post a Comment on this Site; that does NOT Identify their Affiliation to any Said Political Party.

    The Questions are:
    Is there a Program or Programs in Place for these Individuals here in Cumberland County?

    What is the Percentage Here at the Local Level?

    Is anyone Buying this from tryagain?
    RE-READ my 1st Posting in this Thread.
    Nothing I posted was Directed towards anyone; it was Intended to Bring Attention to the Facts, That’s IT!

    Putting WORDS in my Postings will NOT go UN-NOTICED,
    These Facts are Stubborn Things!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  11. tryagain says:

    APOLOGIZE Guess Who!!!! The good Corrections Officers of Cumberland County and their families at least deserve that much from you and YOUR Republicans friends for your TERRIBLE insinuations!!!!! Accusing them of being common criminals is beyond belief even for this CRAPPY website!!! You do the percentages!!

  12. SalarySam says:

    Try Again. It works like this. The original post said what it said, not what you said it said. Here’s a quote from the conclusion of Tonetta’s letter.

    “It is not the fact that prisons are here that is the problem. The prisons do bring good professional jobs and employment. The problem is the fact that these convicts are not taken back to the county that sent them here and that our 7-0 Democratic county Freeholder Board has totally failed to address the situation.”

    And how is that insulting to the corrections officers?

  13. SalarySam says:

    I wish Guess Who would point to the study. That would let us deal with facts.

    I think that being in a prison environment, even as a guard, is very difficult. Even if you don’t look at the incarceration rate of correction officers, I think if you look at the rate of divorce and domestic violence in their families it would show that there is a psychic cost to these jobs. No one is saying that the jobs aren’t good jobs — just that they take a heavy toll on those who hold them.

    It is like our courageous soliders returning from service in Iraq. They deserve nothing but praise but they suffer from the emotional effects of the work they did. So do corrections officers. It is a very hard job.

  14. SalarySam says:

    Oh. By the way. Have the Freeholders, who commission studies at the drop of a hat, conducted any studies of how many families of incarcerated prisoners do move to Cumberland County? The cost of having those families here? How many prisoners coming from outside the county wind up living here on release? The cost of that? How many gang members in Cumberland County have links to prisoners in Cumberland County? If the answer is no, the Freeholders have not conducted any studies of those questions, then Rick Tonetta is right since all he is saying is that the Freeholders have not addressed the questions. The solution is not to get rid of the prisons. The prisons are here, they state owns and runs them and they are not going anywhere. Bringing them here was a decision made by prior Democrat controlled boards. The solution would relate to being aware of the problem and, at a minimum, not releasing everyone at the bus station on Landis Avenue with $50 and directions to the Cumberland County Social Services building on Delsea Drive. Believe it or not that’s what I’ve been told happens. That’s anecdotal and may be wrong. But I’m not the County Board of Freeholders. It wouldn’t hurt them to try to find out what really happens. That might be a good use of the money they are currently wasting on building new office space for Lord Lou.

  15. tryagain says:

    Guess Who implicated the fine Corrections Officers and their families in HIS comments Dear Sam. He basically said that they should be behind the bars and/or they eventually will be and then made reference to some study that he has yet to identify!! He/she and his Republican buddies have done a terrible diservice to those hard working Corrections Officers and their families!!! HE SHOULD AT LEAST APOLOGIZE for his and his Republican friends horrible comment!!!!!!! And then for you to offer the anecdotal comment that they are given $50 and pointed to the County Socila Services building with no proof whatsoever just throws fuel on the fire. It os easy top read between the lines and see what the Republicans think of OUR Corrections Officers who live in Cumberland County!! These good hardworking CO’s and their families will not easily forget the disparaging and unfair remarks by the Republican stalwarts at election time!!!! Remember in November will be the cry from ALL the Corrections Officers and their families as they get their day against these Republicans and help to RE-ELECT MAGAZZU AND CO.!!!! Shame on you Republican friends and especially Guess Who!!!

  16. Guess-Who says:

    That is NOT what I Said & U Know IT!

    This Strategy of ur’s of always trying to have the Last WORD on Non-Issues is very Revealing about U.

    You are Exposing this ISSUE better than Anyone could have ever HOPE or DREAMED would come out of this Debate.
    For that I say Thank You for HELPING get the WORD out to the PUBLIC about the Facilities in General & the Need to have these Kind of Programs.

    Let me be CLEAR on this, I am NOT Affiliated to any Political Party, ASSUMPTIONS are All Tryagain is making, These Facts are Stubborn Things!

    The Current Freeholder Board should be able to Direct u to some INFORMATION that u can use Tryagain, ask them for the latest Numbers or if there is a Program already in Place.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  17. Salary Sam says:

    I don’t know of really care about Guess Who. The relevant discussion should be about what Rick Tonetta, an actual candidate, said.

  18. I noticed that no one, not even Mr. Tonetta, answered the question about where his ‘facts” came from.

    There is no study because there is no indication, anecdotal or otherwise, that inmates who didn’t live in Cumberland County before incarceration stay here when they get out. They usually go home.

    Working in prisons is difficult, but I’d like to see that study on how many corrections officers end up in prison. Care to name it?

    Or print your real name and send your post to the Corrections officers union.

  19. tryagain says:

    still waiting fro GuessWho and his REPUBLICAN buddies to APOLOGIZE to EVERY good hard working Correctional officer and their family for his horrible and disparaging remarks!! SHAME on him and his REPUBLICAN buddies for basically referring to them as “bums” who should probably be behind the bars!! They will REMEMBER in NOVEMBER and support the Democrats led by Magazzu! Thanks ladies and gentlemen Correction Officers for the great work you do!!!

  20. Guess-Who says:

    What type of reporting did u do?
    Did most of the stories occur in the Home & Garden Section.
    Keep L{.}{.}King for the Study/Report it’s out there.

    Investigative Reporting is something Our Local Newspapers have become CLUELESS as to having Journalist WORKING on Stories that will Bring INFORMATION & RESULTS to the PUBLIC.

    The Mass Media of today Provides the Opportunity to, what the Newspapers Lack, Neglect or whatever they call IT in the Business.

    Anyone WHO has Doubt about the FACTS on this ISSUE should Question the Current Freeholders about IT at the Debate the 11 Candidates will Participate IN on Oct 14th in Millville.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  21. Carl says:

    Tryagain – Guess-who did nothing to disparage C.O.’s or their families. But, in your typical manner, you take a statement of fact and call it mudslinging.

    Back to the issue – what have the Freeholders done to assist us in ridding our communities of negative influence of the ex cons that DO stay?

    I can tell you from experience on my own block and in Center City Millville of nuisance properties, and many of the worst cases are caused by people with criminal records, and are not natives of this city.

    Miles is correct, there has been no official study done. Why not? Because not one of those Freeholders lives in any of these areas that is affected by gang violence. Nor have I seen any of those candidates walking through my neighborhood.

  22. Guess-Who says:

    Ask Our Current Freeholders for the TRUTH, If they are Familiar about this Subject.

    If they are NOT AWARE of the FACTS then it is Time for The FREEHOLDERS to Get Up to Speed as to What they have been ELECTED to Do, SERVE the PEOPLE!

    Here’s another tune 4 u to listen to while u research this subject,Word-Up
    korn did a version a few yrs ago.
    u heard It?

    Thanks for the support but no need to be Confused about this Topic that We are Debating.
    Your comment on a Study being Done is NOT Totally ACCURATE as there has been a study at the National Level.
    Has there been one done Locally?

    The Questions that should be Ask is:
    Are there Support Groups in Our Communities to Handle any Need these Employees might Have?
    What is the County Doing to Address the Issue that has been Raised?

    The Local Correctional Facility Workers do their Job.

    Has this County taken the Time to ENSURE there are Programs Available to Meet the Needs if they are Needed?
    This is a Question that could use an Answer to IT!

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  23. Guess-Who says:

    Where are u this morning?
    You Can’t RESPOND to the FACTS can U!

    What is the overall UNEMPLOYMENT Number for Sept.?
    It was 13+% Percent in Aug & RISING Daily.
    Is 15% or Higher Unemployment Numbers Out of the Question Here in Cumberland County before Nov 3 Arrives.
    It Sure L{.}{.}Ks that WAY!

    The Facts Speak for themselves, This current Group of Freeholders could take Us to 20% Unemployment as they have Proved there is NO PLAN to bring Cost of LIVING JOBS or JOBS to Our Area.

    It is Time to Change the Faces of the Freeholder Board in Cumberland County Govt. with New Ideas & INNOVATIVE Thinking.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  24. Guess who-we’re not talking unemployment-we’re talkingp prison inmates.

    and yes, investigative reporting has taken a turn for the worse. The reason? -I’m no longer in the field.

    Give me your real name, whether it be Dudly or Dan or whatever and I’ll show you my resume and list of awards, including awards from Rutgers School of Mass Communications and other state and regional organizations. What’ve you done?

  25. tryagain says:

    DAY 20 something and STILL WAITING for Guess Who and His Republican buddies to APOLOGIZE to the hard working Corrections Officers of Cumberland County and their families. To INSINUATE that perhaps they are on the wrong side of the bars is DISGUSTING. These men and women do an outstanding job in a very evry tough occupation. You should be ASHAMED for discrediting hteir tremendous service for ALL of the law abiding citizens!!!!! SHAME on you Guess Who and your Republican buddies for your BLATANT lack of respect to these fine serving individuals. THEY will remember how YOU and your Republican friends feel about them in November!!!

  26. Guess-Who says:

    That NAME is Fitting to U,tryagain to LIE about the FACTS!
    This is Becoming an ISSUE & NOW the Documents to the Facts are Needed to be Revealed.
    They (tryagain/louser)can’t Find the Study/Report & are Clueless as to where to even L{.}{.}K for such a Comprehensive Facts from ?

    Keep Up the great Work as I am LMFAO at this Non-Sense.

    Wait & See if NEWSPAPERS get/pickup this Story,will they have the Fortitude before the Election to Mention the Facts is the Question.

    Anyone that can READ knows what has been Said.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  27. tryagain says:

    Oh I can’t wait until you and your Republican buddies publicly insult the hard working Corrections Officers and their families of Cumberland County Guess Who!! It will be the final nail in the coffin for yet another Republican loss!! Who cares about your national study? To have insulted these hard working men and women of Corrections by you and your Republican friends insinuating they are on the wrong side of the bars can do nothing but help the re-election of Magazzu and friends. Magazzu and Co. have always been supportive of Corrections Officers throughout the County. Far different than the raid led By SAURO and Sorantino a few years ago when they were ALL held against their will. Think it led to a LARGE lawsuit that cost the County. All thanks to the crazy plan of the Republican leadership back then! Hang in their men and women of Corrections. You will have your say on Election Day. Reject the Guess Whos and his Republican friends who insinuate you are “common criminals” who are on the wrong side of the bars!!! RE_ELECT MAGAZZU AN CO.!!!

  28. Guess-Who says:

    “reporting has taken a turn for the worse. The reason? -I’m no longer in the field.”

    Is this Called Tooting ur own Horn?

    The UNEMPLOYMENT Numbers are Tied into the Prisons & the Problems they Bring to Our Communities.
    Start L{.}{.}King into IT miles the Community as a WHOLE could use the TRUTH to be TOLD!

    Want me to Start from the first post again & again to PROVE U are LYING about the FACTS & what has been Said on this Subject!
    These Current Freeholders are CLUELESS and the Public is going to be made AWARE of the FACTS.

    Checks & Balance make the County a Better Place

  29. tryagain – please post the alleged “insult”. There is none, other than a fabrication in your mind. But then again, Lou is losing so bad on every fornt, bombarded by ethics issues, bombarded by property taxes that have almost doubled under his reign, bombarded by spending that has doubled under his reign, that you have to pick any non-issue to take the heat off. Keep up the poor attempts as misdirection, the public is finally figuring out just how pitiful the man is behind the curtain.

  30. tryagain says:

    Just know the good Corrections Officers and their families are NOT going to forget the horrible insinuations made by GuessWho and his Republican friends when he/she insinuated they are all on the wrong side of the bars!! They will definitely be supporting Magazzu and Co. in November election!! RE-ELECT MAGAZZU and Co.!!! Thank you Corrections Officers and your families for ALL you do for the rest of us!!

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